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Social Media Accounts

JICA Social Media Official Accounts

JICA updates and manages following social media official accounts in English and other foreign languages, in accordance with social media policy and other internal rules and guideline of JICA and user policy of social media service providers.

Statement posted on private social media accounts of JICA related personnel does not necessarily represent official view of JICA.


Media and Public Relations Department

Media and Public Relations Department

Governance and Peacebuilding Department

JICA-Net Library

Domestic Strategy and Partnership Department

JICA Development Studies Program · JICA Chair

JICA Ogata Research Institute

JICA Ogata Research Institute

Domestic Offices

JICA Hokkaido Center Sapporo

JICA Hokkaido Center Sapporo

JICA Tsukuba

JICA Tsukuba

JICA Tokyo

JICA Tokyo

JICA Yokohama

JICA Yokohama

JICA Okinawa

JICA Okinawa

Overseas Offices


JICA Bangladesh Office
JICA Bhutan Office
JICA Cambodia Office
JICA Georgia
JICA India Office
JICA Indonesia Office
JICA Kyrgyz Republic Office
JICA Laos Office
JICA Malaysia Office
JICA Maldives Office
JICA Mongolia Office
JICA Myanmar Office
JICA Nepal Office
JICA Pakistan Office
JICA Philippines Office
JICA Sri Lanka Office
JICA Tajikistan Office
JICA Thailand Office
JICA Timor-Leste Office
JICA Uzbekistan Office
JICA Viet Nam Office
JICA China Office 新浪微博(Weibo)


JICA Fiji Office
JICA Marshall Islands Office
JICA Micronesia Office
JICA Palau Office
JICA Papua New Guinea Office
JICA Samoa Office
JICA Solomon Islands Office
JICA Tonga Office

Latin America

JICA Argentina Office
JICA Belize Office
JICA Bolivia Office
JICA Brazil Office
JICA Chile Office
JICA Colombia Office
JICA Costa Rica Office
JICA Cuba Office
JICA Dominican Republic Office
JICA Ecuador Office
JICA El Salvador Office
JICA Guatemala Office
JICA Honduras Office
JICA Jamaica Office
JICA Mexico Office
JICA Nicaragua Office
JICA Panamá Office
JICA Paraguay Office
JICA Peru Office
JICA Saint Lucia Office
JICA Uruguay Office


JICA Angola Office
JICA Benin Office
JICA Botswana Office
JICA Burkina Faso Office
JICA Burundi
JICA Cameroon Office
JICA Côte d'Ivoire Office
JICA Djibouti Office
JICA Democratic Republic of the Congo Office
JICA Ethopia Office
JICA Gabon Office
JICA Ghana Office
JICA Kenya Office
JICA Madagascar Office
JICA Malawi Office
JICA Mozambique Office
JICA Niger Office
JICA Nigeria Office
JICA Rwanda Office
JICA Senegal
JICA Sierra Leone Office
JICA South Africa
JICA South Sudan Office
JICA Sudan Office
JICA Tanzania Office
JICA Uganda Office
JICA Zambia Office
JICA Zimbabwe Office

Middle East

JICA Algeria
JICA Egypt Office
JICA Iraq Office
JICA Jordan Office
JICA Morocco Office
JICA Palestine Office
JICA Tunisia Office


JICA Balkan Office
JICA Turkey Office


Whole World

JJ-FAST (Global Environment Department)
JICA SHEP (Economic Development Department)
Disaster Reduction Learning Center (JICA Kansai Offices)


JIGO - JICA Governance (JICA Bangladesh Offices)
B-JET (JICA Bangladesh Office)
Project for Improvement of Technical Education (JICA Bangladesh Offices)


JICA Uttarakhand Forest Disaster Management Project (Global Environment Department)
Capacity Development Project on Highways in Mountainous Regions - India (Infrastructure Management Department)


JICA Project on Agriculture Insurance in Indonesia (JICA Indonesia office)


CADP (Clean Agriculture Development Project )(Economic Development Department)
JICA Legal Project in Laos (JICA Laos Office)


JICA DPUB2 Project (JICA Mongolia Office)
JICA START Project 2 (Human Development Department)
The Project for Strenghthing Post-Graduate Training for Medical Doctors and Nurses - Эмч ба сувилагчийн төгсөлтийн дараах сургалтыг сайжруулах төсөл


JICA CREATE Project (Human Development Department)
JICA Health Security in Myanmar (Human Development Department)
JICA Pure-CS Project (JICA Myanmar Office)
JICA Profia (JICA Myanmar Office)
Myanmar: JICA Project for Capacity Development of Yezin Agricultural University (JICA Myanmar Office)


JICA Capacity Development Project for Bangsamoro


ARCH Project (JICA Thailand Office)
AUN/SEED-Net (JICA Thailand Office)
The Partnership Project for Global Health and Universal Health Coverage Phase2 (JICA Thailand Office)
Project on seamless health and social services provision for elderly persons (S-TOP) (JICA Thailand Office)


Project for Increasing Farmers Households' Income through Strengthening Domestic Rice Production in Timor-Leste (JICA Timor-Leste Office)
Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CB-NRM) in Timor-Leste (JICA Timor-Leste Office)

Viet Nam

JICA PHAP LUAT 2020 (Governance and Peacebuilding Department)
JICA SMTC Project in Viet Nam (Project for Capacity Enhancement in Developing State Management Tools for Construction Project)(Infrastructure Management Department)

Papua New Guinea

JICA/PNG Forest Authority Forest Monitoring Project (Global Environment Department)

Latin America Area

Scholarship for Japanese Emigrants and Their Descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean: Program for Developping Leaders in Nikkei Communities (Latin America and the Caribbean Department)

Africa Area

African Clean Cities Platform: Preparatory Meeting on 25-27 April2017 in Maputo, Mozambique (Global Environment Department)
Project NINJA -NINJA Accelerator - Africa-


JICA PAPRIZ2 - Project for Rice Productivity Improvement and Management of Watershed and Irrigated Area (JICA Madagascar Office)


JICA Pro-poor Community Health Project in Lagos (JICA Nigeria Office)


Pressmn3 MSAS JICA (Human Development Department)


JICA Technical Education Egypt (JICA Egypt office)


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