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June 23, 2021

COVID-19 Support: JICA and EWTI Donate Contactless Handwashing Stations

In Addis Ababa where shortage of supplied water is a critical issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has further intensified the need for safe water in local communities. It is a challenge to encourage and promulgate safe hygiene practices even under the limited supply of water and to reduce a risk of COVID-19 cross-infection in the public facilities.

JICA and Ethiopian Water Technology Institute (EWTI) collaboratively constructed contactless handwashing stations and donated 10 units to local administration offices and health centers in Addis Ketema, Lideta, Akakai and Kirkos Sub-Cities.

The station integrates not only a sink and a water tank but also foot pedals that enable a user to discharge water from the tank and liquid soap from a bottle without touching the station by hands. Community people can avoid cross-infection of COVID-19 with others by using this handwashing station before entering the buildings they visit and make the environment safer.

The technical staff in EWTI designed the handwashing station and assembled the materials funded by JICA. JICA is currently supporting EWTI for its managerial and technical capacity building, and this activity may be highlighted as a good outcome of the support. EWTI is also contributing to the combat against COVID-19 by making the most of their skills such as inspection and maintenance of water supply systems and rehabilitation of groundwater production wells in public facilities.

PhotoA Contactless handwashing station made by EWTI and JICA

PhotoDr. Tamene Hailu, director General of EWTI, is washing his hands by pressing on the pedal of the contactless handwashing station to release water. Ms. Megumi Hirose (left) Senior Representative of JICA Ethiopia Office, looks on during the handover ceremony at the Kaliti Sub City Administration Office.

PhotoMs. Megumi Hirose, Senior Representative of JICA Ethiopia Office, washing her hands using the contactless handwashing station donated to the Bole Bulbula Wereda 12 Health Center.

PhotoMs. Megumi Hirose, Senior Representative of JICA Ethiopia Office, is delivering a speech at a Health Center, during the handover ceremony at the Bole Bulbula Wereda 12 Health Center.


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