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Topics & Events

July 21, 2022 JICA supports Capacity Development for Urban Planning and Management in Ethiopia
July 14, 2022 Improving Hospital Management Using 5S (KAIZEN)
July 6, 2022 EHL Technical transfer between partner companies
July 6, 2022 Ethiopian Highland Leather (EHL) Website Launched
June 21, 2022 JICA supports Landslide Countermeasure Efforts in Ethiopia
June 10, 2022 Activities in drought areas: Index Crop Insurance & Tied Ridge Technique
May 17, 2022 1st JCC Held for Climate Resilience Project
May 16, 2022 Regional Innovation Platform for Sustainable Land Management was held
May 8, 2022 MUST's 3rd Workshop for G11-12 Math Textbook Developers Conducted
April 19, 2022 Second JICA Chair Seminar Held in Ethiopia
April 13, 2022 Future Possibilities Discussed for Export Promotion Project at the 2nd JCC Meeting
March 29, 2022 3rd JCC Meeting for MUST Project Held Revised Math Textbooks to be Piloted in 98 Schools
March 24, 2022 World Water Day 2022: Groundwater
February 27, 2022 Math Textbook Developers from Four National Universities Participated in MUST Workshop Revision of Draft 1 Textbooks for Grades 9 to 12
February 10, 2022 JICA and EWTI Donate Hand Sanitizers to Protect School Children
January 24, 2022 EHL Exhibited at Apparel Trade Show in Paris
December 13, 2021 Farmers in JICA's SHEP Project Heading to Market
December 6, 2021 EHL Showcased at All African Leather Fair
November 11, 2021 Technical Seminar to Improve Finishing Techniques for Sheepskin Materials
November 5, 2021 Ethiopian Highland Leather Represented at the World Leather Congress
October 27, 2021 First JICA Chair Program Kicks Off in Ethiopia
October 26, 2021 Filming a Video for Ethiopian Highland Leather
October 18, 2021 Textbook Developers from Four National Universities Participated in MUST Workshop on Revision of Draft 0 Mathematics Textbooks of Grades 9 to 12
September 28, 2021 Leather Companies Receive Design Support in Hopes of Exhibiting Internationally in 2022
September 18, 2021 Honorary Doctorate Awarded to Professor Atsushi Tsunekawa!
August 31, 2021 Four Tanneries Certified to use Ethiopian Highland Leather Brand Logo
August 26, 2021 Ethiopian Company Number One at Yearly Africa Kaizen Awards
August 4, 2021 Filming Teaching Videos to Improve the Quality of Leather Materials
August 2, 2021 JICA Provides Technical Support to Leather Companies
July 27, 2021 Former JICA Counterpart Recognized as Top Global Educator!
July 12, 2021 Professionals from 5 Ethiopian Universities trained on Mathematics Textbook Development by MoE and JICA
June 23, 2021 COVID-19 Support: JICA and EWTI Donate Contactless Handwashing Stations
June 15, 2021 JICA Supports Frontline Waste Workers Against COVID-19
May 21, 2021 999 Farmers Receive Crop Insurance Payouts!
May 14, 2021 Partner Companies Selected for Export Promotion Technical Support
April 28, 2021 MoE/JICA MUST Technical Workshop for Primary School Mathematics Textbook Developers was conducted
April 24, 2021 School Baseline Survey on Grade 9-12 Mathematics Conducted in Secondary Schools in Addis Ababa
March 30, 2021 Second Phase of the Champion Product Project Begins
March 8, 2021 JICA Provides 75,000 Masks to Schools in Addis
February 26, 2021 3 Vehicles Donated to Agriculture Ministry by JICA
February 24, 2021 JICA Supports COVID-19 Response Efforts in Somali Region
January 11, 2021 JICA Eases WASH Gap due to COVID-19 in Bahir Dar City
August 3, 2020 Inviting Startups for the NINJA Business Plan Competition in response to COVID-19
July 22, 2020 JOCV's Prepare COVID-19 Awareness Poster for Schools
October 29, 2019 [Technical Cooperation Projects] Kaizen Attracts Ethiopian Parliament Members during Special Lecture Program
October 24, 2019 [Technical Cooperation Projects] Ethiopian Researchers Observed Vibrant Rice Value Chain in Myanmar
September 30, 2019 [Technical Cooperation Projects] Construction Begins on TICAD Center Building
September 13, 2019 New Ethiopian Coffee Brand Launches in Japan
September 6, 2019 Japanese and Ethiopian Insurance Companies discuss Index-based Insurance
July 26, 2019 [Technical Cooperation Projects] Fourth Batch Intermediate-level Kaizen Implementation attained nearly 50% improvement in Kaizen Indicators
June 26, 2019 Ethiopian Companies Among Recipients of First Africa KAIZEN Awards!
June 26, 2019 Solve IT 2019 in Mekelle
June 24, 2019 Solve IT 2019 in Gonder
June 19, 2019 Solve IT 2019 in Bahir Dar
June 6, 2019 Solve IT 2019: Samurai Incubate Africa Signs MoU with iCog Labs
June 3, 2019 Solve IT 2019 in Jimma
May 27, 2019 Largest Start-up Event in Ethiopia: "Solve IT 2019" Regional Hub Competition Underway
May 23, 2019 JICA Strengthening Mathematics Education in Ethiopia
April 30, 2019 MNGD Project to Transform Ethiopian Rural Roads
April 19, 2019 Index-based Insurance to benefit Smallholder Farmers through JICA Project
April 17, 2019 Training in Japan Inspires Change
April 9, 2019 The Way Forward for Agricultural Mechanization and Commercialization
March 25, 2019 First Phase of Koshe-Reppie Landfill Rehabilitation Complete
March 8, 2019 JICA Ethiopia Office Meets New Ambassador to Japan
February 1, 2019 JICA Launches National Innovation Competition
January 31, 2019 5 Japanese Volunteers Arrive in Ethiopia
January 31, 2019 [Technical Cooperation Projects] EKI's First Experience Sharing Seminar on KAIZEN for Djiboutian Delegation
December 19, 2018 Study Tour to learn Fukuoka Method: A Solution to Addis Ababa’s Infamous Open Landfill Dumpsite
December 18, 2018 Students Return from Japan Ready to Invigorate Ethio-Japan Business Relationships
December 3, 2018 [Technical Cooperation Projects] "CARS" Running on the Qualified Roadway of KAIZEN
November 27, 2018 JICA to Provide Business Development Services to MSME's
November 15, 2018 Rice to Increase its Presence in Ethiopia
November 14, 2018 Farmers are Implementing JICA's Market Oriented Farming
November 9, 2018 [Technical Cooperation Projects] New Book: Applying KAIZEN in Africa
November 9, 2018 [Technical Cooperation Projects] JICA Teaches Forest Conservation, Farmers get Tablets
November 5, 2018 Towards Sustainable Land Management of the Upper Blue Nile River Basin
November 5, 2018 Homemade Microscopes are Changing Ethiopian Classrooms
October 15, 2018 [Technical Cooperation Projects] The world first "Kaizen Doctor" program starts!
September 4, 2018 5th Year of ABE Scholarship Recipients Heading to Japan
August 31, 2018 JICA Volunteers use Sports and Art to Connect with Refugee Camp Kids
July 23, 2018 Mapping Project Nears Completion
July 4, 2018 JICA Volunteers Open 9th Annual Water Sector Multi-Stakeholder Forum
June 18, 2018 JICA Hands Over 14 Modern Axle Load Control Systems to the Ethiopian Roads Authority
May 17, 2018 Let's Wash Our Hands with Soap
April 25, 2018 JICA Team Visits Irrigation Project, Four Years Later
April 25, 2018 19 Kaizen Consultants Receive Accreditation Certificate
April 3, 2018 JICA Celebrates World Water Day in Ethiopia
April 2, 2018 JICA Promotes Ethiopian Highland Sheep Leather


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