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Iran has economic challenges such as high rates of inflation and unemployment, a deteriorating urban environment due to urbanization, environmental destruction and vulnerability to earthquakes. In its fifth five-year plan from 2010 to 2015, Iran includes economic development, regional development, social development, and management and administrative system development as issues to be addressed. JICA is providing assistance to Iran with a focus on: 1) enhancement of domestic industries (enhancement of job creation), 2) reduction of disparities between urban and rural areas (establishment of sustainable agricultural production to increase the income of farmers), 3) environmental preservation (measures for natural environment conservation, global warming and environmental pollution management), 4) water resource management, and 5) disaster management (earthquake preparedness management). Additionally, as Iran has a shared language and culture with neighboring Afghanistan, Afganistan refugees have been coming into Iran for three decades, and so Iran is also providing assistance to reconstruction in Afghanistan.

Office Information
JICA Iran Office
6th Floor, No.114 , Kajabadi street, Afriqa street, Tehran, IRAN

What's New

February 27, 2020 Ground Breaking Ceremony of Japanese Garden held in Rasht City
January 8, 2020 JICA Iran Office
January 8, 2020 Topics & Events
January 6, 2020 The master plan for environmental management in Southern coastal area is seeking the way towards implementation stage - Report of the 4th Joint Coordination Committee
December 18, 2019 As a result of collaboration by JICA Iran office Japanese Guide Book of National Museum of Iran published

News & Features

November 28, 2019 Signing of the Record of Discussions for Technical Cooperation for Iran: Learning from Japan’s medical management models to improve Iran’s medical services
April 10, 2019 Emergency Assistance to the Islamic Republic of Iran in Response to the Flood Disaster
November 8, 2018 'Japan's Modernization Experience as a Legacy for the World' Part 4: Spreading Wisdom About Coping With Pollution and Protecting the Environment
February 13, 2018 Signing of Grant Agreement with Myanmar: Supporting healthcare and medical services through facility and equipment upgrades at a regional core hospital
February 13, 2018 Signing of Grant Agreement with Iran: Providing air pollution measurement and analysis equipment to contribute to improving the environment in Tehran, the capital city

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