Message from the Chief Representative


Nepal and Japan share a long history of friendship. After the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1956, Government of Japan extended various assistance to Nepal in which JICA has been acting as an implementing agency of Official development Assistance (ODA) of Japan.

The distinctive feature of JICA's assistance towards Nepal is its wide coverage ranging from transport, energy, water and sanitation, to education, health, peace building, governance and agriculture aiming to support Nepal's development in a comprehensive manner. Another feature of JICA is its various schemes such as loan financing, grant assistance, technical cooperation and volunteer program. In particular, Japanese experts and volunteers helped a lot in promoting friendship and trust among people by working closely with Nepalese counterparts at the grassroots level. Training program also contributed greatly in strengthening mutual understanding between people of both countries. JICA is aiming to achieve the sustainable and balanced economic growth along with the consolidation of peace and steady transition to a democratic state. Similarly, Infrastructure and institutional development for sustainable economic growth and rural poverty reduction are the priority areas of JICA in Nepal.

After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in November 2006, Nepal has been marching towards lasting peace and democracy, which are essential elements for economic development. The promulgation of constitution in Nepal also encouraged Nepal and Nepalese to march towards peace and democracy in which JICA wants to be a part of it.

Early and strong recovery and reconstruction from the disaster brought by the great earthquake struck in Nepal on April 25, 2015 is the most urgent area where JICA is extending its support based on the Build Back Better (BBB) concept. JICA being a development partner of Nepal has been supporting in the recovery and reconstruction through different programs and project in an affected areas.

This webpage provides an overview of the JICA's assistance strategy and its diversified operational activities. In order to realize the vision "Inclusive and Dynamic Development" in Nepal, JICA Nepal will continue to provide maximum support to the Nepali people and the government for peace and prosperity.

Mr. Jun Sakuma
Chief Representative
JICA Nepal Office


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