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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project (GEM-JC)

Project Area

Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria of Egypt

Duration of the Project

3 years (November 2016 – November 2019)

Executing/Implementing Organizations

Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), Ministry of Antiquities (MoA), Egyptian Museum and Luxor Museum


Staff of Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), People of Egypt

Overall Goal

The GEM-CC, as the hub institute of the conservation and study in Egypt, conducts conservation-related activities, and the artifacts in the GEM exhibition are preserved in appropriate condition.

Project Purpose

GEM-CC acquires a high level of skill, technique and experience on conservation-related works.


1. Documentation, first aid, packing and transportation to GEM of the target artifacts are conducted.
2. IPM and diagnostic analysis of the target artifacts are conducted, and conservation plans are formulated.
3. Conservation of the target artifacts is conducted.


Output 1

1-1. To confirm the current condition and prepare documentation.
1-2. To formulate the conservation team and conservation policy.
1-3. To conduct first aid.
1-4. To conduct packing and transportation to GEM-CC.

Output 2

2-1. To conduct fumigation.
2-2. To conduct diagnostic analysis.
2-3. To formulate conservation plan.

Output 3

3-1. To conduct conservation.
3-2. To record the result of the whole process as a report to file the information, and publish it.
3-3. To give advice to the Exhibition unit on the display plan, transportation to the exhibition space and installing of the conserved artifacts.


Egyptian Side
1. Assignment of Project counterparts (Project Director, Project Manager and others)
2. Expenses and administrative logistics related to the implementation of the Project
Japanese Side
1. Dispatch of Experts
2. Machinery and Equipment


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