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Project News


Name: Mikio Nakamura

Division / Position: Chief advisor/ Coordination

Fields of Speciality / Interests:
International cooperation, Cultural cooperation

Education & Career:

  • Graduated from the College of Law, Chuo University (1970)
  • Masters in social planning at the Centre for Development Studies, University College of Swansea, UK (1979)
  • I started working at the Fair Trade Commission Prime Minister office (1965)
  • JICA (formally OTCA 1970)
  • Philippines office
  • Head of the evaluation division, planning department
  • Examination officer and Deputy Director of the Grant Aid Division, Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Representative of the JICA United Kingdom office and JICA Egypt office
  • Director of the JICA Sapporo
  • Director of the Cambodia Japan Cooperation Centre (2004)
  • CC Project Phase 1 from 2008 to 2011, and from April 2015 till now

I have not really drunk the Nile's water directly but I think that the saying "Once you drink from the Nile you will always come back again." is true, since I have returned to this project after four years absence. I am glad to have the chance to see Museum take shape and see the fruit of our cooperation in the field of human resources development in conservation as the GEM-CC's conservation sector was presented the Conservation Award by ICOM (the International Council of Museums) this year. I am really thrilled to be working once again towards the completion of this museum.

The cultural artefacts exhibited in this museum do not only represent the world heritage that we have inherited from our ancestors, but also the one that we are borrowing from our children living in future. I will do my best in cooperating with our Egyptian colleagues to develop the human resources working in the cultural heritage protection and conservation field, to ensure that our future children have a chance to enjoy and respect these world heritage as we do.


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