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Project Activities

Project description

5 project outputs are categorized by 3 main components and 7 sub-components, stated as below.

Main componentSub-component
  1. Realization of community's self-sustainable reconstruction
  1. Self-sustainable development of model reconstruction activities and expansion for whole province.
  2. Introduction and establishment of participatory reconstruction capacity.
  1. Formulation of Reconstruction Policy Framework and review/revision of URRP
  1. Review of the process and revision of Urgent Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Plan for Banda Aceh City (URRP).
  2. Formulation of Reconstruction Policy Framework.
  1. Enhancement of local government's capacity in reconstruction and administration
  1. Enhancement of local government's reconstruction and administrative capacity in infrastructures and public facilities.
  2. Enhancement of local government's capacity in revision of rules and regulations (Qanun).
  3. Introduction and establishment of administrative capacity in participatory reconstruction.

photoLivelihood group producing traditional cake

photoLivelihood group producing traditional cake

photoLivelihood group producing briny fish

photoMeeting among group leaders


Whole project period is implemented by 3 phases as below.

  • Phase 1:Framework formulation period (From 2007-03 To 2007-09)
    • Reviewing of achievements and lessons of activities in Ulee Lheule Area
    • Formulating a plan of enhancing administrative capacity
    • Formulating a plan of new activities
  • Phase 2:Implementation period (2007-10 To 2008-3)
    • Implementing and expanding planed activities and administrative capacity training program
  • Phase 3:Monitoring and evaluation period (From 2008-04 To 2009-03)
    • Monitoring implementation process
    • Evaluating a whole project


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