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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Program for Enhancing Quality of Junior Secondary Education



Project Site

Jakarta, Banten Province, West Java Province, Yogyakarta, Province, East Java Province, West Sumatra Province, South Kalimantan Province, North Sulawesi Province

Term of Cooperation

From March 2009 until March 2013

Implementing Organization

Ministry of National Education (MONE), Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA)

Project Background

In the Republic of Indonesia, since the Decenralization Law was put into effect in 2001, edcational decentralization was also decentralized in order to enhance responsiveness to local needs. Moreover, school management has been enhanced to meet diverse needs of schools. In reality, however, local governments as well as schools still lack capability to analyze and solve their own problems by them selves.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has cooperated with the government of Indonesia since 1998 on developing models on participatory school-based management (PSBM) and Lesson Study (LS), and implementation of developed models at distric level. These model aimed at enhancing the capability of local governments and school management by various stakeholders such as educational administrators, school princpals, teachers, parents, and communities as well as at enhancing teachers' capability to improve their lessons.Through implementation of these models, improvement of school management and enhancement of quality of education in the target sites, such as improved communication among educational stakeholders, strengthened committment from school principals and teachers, improved lessons, have been widely observed.Ministry of National Education (MONE) has been entangling to improve relevance and reliability of educational administration and school management and to enhance the quality of education through enhancing the capacity to cope with local needs. Along with this, MONE has a policy to utilize and disseminate the models developed in the cooperation between MONE and JICA. Under this circumstance, the government of Indonesia has requested the government of Japan for a technical cooperation project to formulate functions to disseminate these models. In response to the above request, this technical cooperation program aims to institutionalize and disseminatePSBM and LS throughdeveloping functional structure at national and sub-national levels.


Project Purpose : The capacity of national as well as local education administration and schools are strengthened in order to disseminate and implement participatory school-based management (PSBM) and Lesson Study (LS) whose roles are vital to enhancement of quality of education.

Overall Goal : Quality of junior secondary education is enhanced through participatory school-based management (PSBM) and Lesson Study (LS) extensively in the nation.


  1. The capacity of planning and coordination for disseminating PSBM and LS is strengthened at the national level.
  2. The capacity of disseminating PSBM and LS is strengthened at the regional level.
  3. The capacity of implementing PSBM and LS is strengthened in the reference sites and developed in the target sites.

Project Activities

1)Strengthening Planning and Coordination Capacity at the National Level
1-1To survey the local needs of PSBM and LS
1-2To support planning, coordination and policy-making on the dissemination of PSBM and LS
1-3To provide technical advice to the regional governments which adopt PSBM & LS on their own initiatives
1-4To conduct monitoring and evaluation on the dissemination of PSBM & LS at the regional level
1-5To collaborate and coordinate with other donors on the development of training materials and implementation of training
1-6To organize dissemination forums inviting various educational stakeholders and other development partners
2)Strengthening of Dissemination Capacity at the Regional Level
2-1To plan trainings of master trainers (TOT)
2-2To develop the training materials on PSBM and LS
2-3To conduct TOT trainings
2-4To provide technical advice to P4TK, LPMP, NCET and RCET on the training on PSBM and LS for supervisors, principals and teachers
2-5To provide technical advice to the provincial educational & religious offices on the promotion of PSBM and LS
3)Strengthening of Implementation Capacity in the Target Sites
3-1To support the 3 target sites in Banten Province for their independent PSBM activities
3-2To strengthen implementation capacity for LS in the 3 target sites in Java
3-3To introduce and disseminate LS in the new 3 target sites outside Java

Input Summary by Japanese Side

  1. Experts (Project manager/Educational planning, Educational administration/Donor coordination, Training management, School-based management, Lesson Study, Educational evaluation)
  2. Counterpart training in Japan
  3. Budget for PSBM in the 3 target sites in Banten Province
  4. Cost for training of master trainers
  5. Cost for technical exchange between the resource and partner universities
  6. Equipment and materials necessary for the implementation of the Program


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