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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project for Strengthening the Government Capacity of Public Investment Plan



Date R/D Signed

November 3, 2017

Project Site


Term of Cooperation

From February 15, 2019 to February 15, 2023

Implementing Organization

National Development Agency / Ministry of Finance


After the election in June 2016, the new government in Mongolia introduced Public Investment Programme (PIP) to strategically incorporate the public investment projects with several fund sources such as government budget, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM). In this context, GOM requested the Japanese Government for assistance in order to strengthen the government capacity of PIP management.

The Overall Goal

The projects registered in Public Investment Program (PIP) generate their development effects for achieving the government action plan, the state policies and the national programs.

Project Purpose

The framework for formulating and managing Public Investment Program (PIP) aligned with the national development policy and financial resources is established.


  1. Roles and responsibilities of MOF and NDA in PIP formulation and management are clarified with shared criteria for determining projects in PIP.
  2. A mechanism to formulate projects for PIP listing by sector ministries/ municipalities is developed.
  3. A mechanism to appraise projects and secure financial resources by MOF and NDA is developed.
  4. Mechanisms to monitor PIP projects are developed.

Project Activities

1-1 Identify the bottlenecks in the process of PIP formulation and management, including annual review and monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of PIP once in two years.
1-2 Confirm how the resource allocation to PIP is managed in multi-year perspective.
1-3 Create common understanding of the criteria of PIP project categorization and prioritization between MOF and NDA.
1-4 Clarify roles and responsibilities of MOF and NDA in PIP formulation and management.
1-5 Promote PIP for other ministries/agencies/local governments and citizens
1-6 Provide necessary information and recommendations for revising "Three pillar development policy" or developing a new policy in view of PIP formulation and projects appraisal.
1-7 Revise preparation guidelines for PIP formulation.
2-1 Develop methods in formulation of projects for PIP listing.
2-2 Consider the selection criteria of pilot organization(s) for validating PIP formulation.
2-3 Validate project formulation methods at pilot organization(s).
2-4 Complete Manual(s) for PIP project formulation based on validated methods.
2-5 Develop training for PIP project formulation (F/S, CBA etc.) for PIP project proposing organizations.
2-6 Conduct training sessions for PIP project formulation.
2-7 Provide support to pilot organization(s) for next PIP formulation.
3-1 Develop methods in project appraisal (policy alignment etc.) and financial resourcing (categorization, analysis of F/S results, etc.) for PIP.
3-2 Validate project appraisal and financial resourcing methods for PIP.
3-3 Adjust resources with MTFF and annual budgets.
3-4 Develop Manual(s) for PIP project appraisal and financial resourcing.
3-5 Develop training for PIP project appraisal and financial resourcing based on the manual(s) developed in 3-4.
3-6 Conduct training sessions for PIP project appraisal and financial resourcing.
3-7 Conduct appraisal and financial resourcing
4-1 Develop monitoring (and evaluation if needed) frameworks for PIP projects by type (domestic budget, ODA, PPP and borrowing).
4-2 Consider the selection criteria of pilot organization(s)/project(s) for validating PIP monitoring.
4-3 Validate monitoring frameworks at pilot organizations.
4-4 Reflect monitoring reports for PIP reviews.
4-5 Complete Manual(s) for PIP Project monitoring.
4-6 Develop training for PIP project monitoring by project type.
4-7 Conduct training sessions for PIP project monitoring.
4-8 Provide instructions and support for PIP monitoring.


[Japanese side]

a. Experts
-Chief Advisor
-Public Investment Program
-Public Financial Management
-Project Risk Analysis
-Project Monitoring
-Project Coordinator/ Training
-Other experts as necessary
b. Study Visit / Country-Focused Training
c. Seminar / Workshop / Training
d. Equipment
-Necessary equipment for the project implementation


[Mongolian side]

a. Counterpart personnel
-Project Director
-Deputy Project Director
-Project Manager
-Counterpart staffs
b. Project offices (NDA, MOF)


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