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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project for Capacity Development in Regional Health Management Phase 2 (RHM2)



Date of R/D Signed

July 28, 2011

Term of Cooperation

Oct 25, 2011 - Oct 24, 2014 (3 years)

Implementing Organization

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW)


RHMT of the 21 regions in Tanzania (expected to increase to 25 as the new regions are established)

Project Design Matrix(PDM)

According to the Project Design Matrix (PDM), following outcomes are the expected outcome of the project.

Overall Goal

Managerial performance of Regional Referral Hospital Management Teams (RRHMTs) and Council Health Management Teams (CHMTs) is improved.

Project Purpose

Performance of all RHMTs in supporting CHMTs and RRHMTs is improved.


  1. Management skills of RHMTs in supporting CHMTs and RRHMTs are improved.
  2. Roles and functions of RHMT to support CHMTs and RRHMTs are institutionalized and consolidated.
  3. Guidelines and tools for RHMTs to perform their functions are improved.

Input Summary by Japanese Side

  • Experts (Health System, Health Management, Capacity Development, Health Planning, Project Coordination)
  • Necessary equipment for project operation (project vehicle, office equipment)

Input Summary by Tanzania Side

  • The staff members of the MOHSW, Office space for the Japanese Experts, vehicle, venue for meetings and trainings, etc.

Project Overview

The Project for Capacity Development in Regional Health Management Phase 2 (RHM2) began its operation in November 2011. The phase one project, known as TC-RRHM, aimed at strengthening the capacity of RHMT in the Tanzanian Health Systems through articulation of its roles and functions and developed Central Management Supportive Supervision (CMSS). The RHM2 will build on the outputs and the experience of the phase one project, develop further the RHMT’s capacity and strengthen the managerial capacity of the Council Health Management Teams (CHMT) and Regional Referral Hospital Management Teams (RRHMT) through the RHMT’s support including the Supportive Supervision. Through these efforts, RHM2 aims ultimately contribute to the improvement of health services in Tanzania.

The Project Approach

  1. Utilisation of experiences from the Phase 1
  2. Optimal utilisation of existing resources and alignment to existing systems
  3. Focus on RHMTs capacity to support Regional Referral Hospital teams and CHMTs
  4. Harmonize and cooperate with relevant programmes of the Government of Tanzania, Development Partners, and JICA
  5. Support building the sustainable health system aiming at quality service provision to the people.



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