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Project News


Visiting Rayong – Preliminary Meeting on Pilot Project


On June 26th, 2012, a representative from JICA Thailand Office, and the JICA Expert team, together with staff from the Pollution Control Department (PCD) and the Thailand Environmental Institute (TEI), made a visit to various related government organizations in Rayong Province for an informal talk on the upcoming pilot project in 2013.

Three meetings were held with three different local authorities -- 1) the Rayong Natural Resource and Environment Provincial Office, 2) Map Tha Phut Municipality, and 3) the Rayong Agricultural Research and Development Center. With each organization, the JICA Experts and the PCD officer had a chance to introduce the JICA-PRTR Project and generally explain the PRTR system, giving background knowledge. The PRTR pilot implementation in Rayong province was explained in detail with emphasis on the role of local authorities. As the issue was thoroughly discussed, the three local authorities agreed in principle, and promised further cooperation on the JICA-PRTR Project.

During the pilot project, every point source and non-point source in the area will be reported or its emission estimated involving various sectors. Therefore, besides local authorities, a preliminary meeting on the pilot project with the industrial sector in Rayong province will be organized in order to have good coverage on emission estimation from both point source and non-point source.

PhotoMeeting 2: A constructive discussion was pursued and comments were made during the preliminary meeting on the PRTR pilot project, attended by Mr. Pongsatorn Thawornwong, Deputy Mayor of Map Tha Phut Municipality, and officers from the Public Health and Environment Office, held at the office of Map Tha Phut Municipality.

PhotoMeeting 3: Mr. Sompong Kathong, Director of the Rayong Agricultural Research and Development Center, together with Mr. Sorasak Kusalanupab, Agricultural Inspector, discussed PRTR pilot implementation and non-point source data for the agriculture release estimation with PCD officer, at the office of Rayong Agricultural Research and Development Center.


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