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Project News


Non-Point Source Data Survey at the Thai Crop Protection Association

On July 3rd, 2012, the JICA Expert, together with an officer of the Pollution Control Department (PCD), Mr. Aram Bhandhuwanna, made a visit to the Thai Crop Protection Association (TCPA), in order to have an informal meeting on non-point source data for agriculture release estimation, with Mr. Sinchai Swasdichai, President, and Mr. Sayan Sawangduan, Association Manager.

Mr. Aram gave an overview of the JICA-PRTR project and a definition of emission source focusing on agriculture which was classified as non-point source under the Thai PRTR system. A list of 107 target chemical substances was presented including its selection process and criteria. The JICA Expert pointed out the agricultural related target chemicals and explained in detail the non-point source data required for agriculture release estimation. Mr. Sinchai and Mr. Sayan also presented the data and work of the association for the part relating to the JICA-PRTR project. A constructive discussion was held on data availability for agrochemicals used and the amount distributed in the provinces, especially in Rayong province– the pilot area. For any further study or survey of non-point source data, TCPA promised continued cooperation, and expressed an interest in joining the task force on non-point source.

PhotoMr. Sinchai Swasdichai, right, and Mr. Sayan Sawangduan, far right, actively discussed the availability of non-point source data with the JICA Expert during the informal meeting held on July 3rd, 2012, at the TCPA


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