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Project News


The First Risk Communication Task Force Meeting

The First Task Force Meeting of Risk Communication Promotion was organized on June 4th, 2013, at the office of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) in Map Ta Phut, Rayong. The meeting was organized by the Pollution Control Department (PCD), with 17 participants from 11 organizations.

Risk Communication is an important element in PRTR system to communicate the data to the public in a way that creates understanding among everyone, and the role of the Task Force is to work on finding best ways to communicate the data.

As it was the first meeting of this Task Force, after introducing each member, the Secretariat of the Task Force, Dr. Chayawee Wangcharoenrung, Environmental Officer from Water Quality Management Bureau, PCD explained the overview of PRTR system and PRTR project to provide background knowledge on PRTR system promotion in Thailand, followed by an explanation of Risk Communication under PRTR system, to make sure that all members share a common understanding of what Risk Communication is. The Secretariat also explained the role of the Task Force, which is to develop the best method on conducting Risk Communication.

The last session of the meeting was open for discussion. After the Task Force agreed on the terms and the scope of Risk Communication, they discussed and shared their ideas and opinions on various things regarding Risk Communication promotion.

PhotoAfter the PRTR system, JICA-PRTR project and Risk Communication were explained, the Task Force then shared common understanding on the definition and the scope of the matter.


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