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Project News


Q&A session with NGOs on PRTR system in Japan

PhotoDuring the informal meeting with NGOs, many questions and concerns were answered and discussed. Further comparison between the Japanese PRTR system and Rayong pilot project will be discussed in the next NGO meeting.

For a better understanding of PRTR system in practice, an informal meeting between NGOs and JICA Experts was held on June 11th, 2013 at Pollution Control Department, with 14 participants from 2 NGOs, Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH) and Environmental Litigation and Advocacy for the Wants (EnLAW), Pollution Control Department and JICA. The meeting was proposed and organized under the initiative by NGO EARTH.

In the meeting, Mr. Shirane Yoshiharu, JICA Expert provided information on how PRTR system was developed and practiced in Japan, and how lessons learned from Japan can be applied to Thailand. As PRTR system is new to Thailand and the Pilot Project of the system will start in Rayong this year, many questions and concerns were raised by NGOs during the meeting, especially, questions regarding the PRTR development phase in Japan.

Comparison between the Japanese PRTR system and Rayong pilot project, as well as other points raised during the meeting, will be further discussed and summarized for the next NGO meeting in October.


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