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Project News


Consultation Meeting with FTI for Mobile Source Estimation

A consultation meeting between the Automotive Emission Laboratory (AEL), PCD, and 10 members from factories in the refinery club under the Federation of Thai Industry (FTI) was held at IEAT Office in Map Ta Phut on March 24, 2014. The meeting was organized under an FTI initiative, showing their keen interest to better understand the emission estimation methodology for mobile sources, which are considered major non-point sources in PRTR.

For some VOCs such as Benzene, emission from non-point sources is more significant than from point sources. An example from the Japanese PRTR shows that 90% of Benzene emission is from non-point sources. In this regard, mobile sources are considered the largest non-point sources.

In the meeting, Mr. Ittipol Pawarmart from AEL and Mr. Yoshiharu Shirane, JICA expert, delivered a presentation on the estimation methodology for mobile source emission. After the presentation, an active Q&A session was conducted to deepen understanding of the methodology by the industry side. Estimation work from mobile sources is expected to be completed within the next 2-3 months.




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