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Project News


Terminal Evaluation and 4th JCC meeting

JICA Headquarters implemented the terminal evaluation of the PRTR project during November 16-27, 2015. The purpose of the evaluation is to measure the progress and achievements of the project, and to extract lesson learned. The evaluation team from Japan was led by Mr. Yutaka Fukase, Director of Environmental Management 1st Division, Global Environment Department, JICA Headquarters, Mr. Tadashi Osawa from the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI), Mr. Motoo Kaneko from the Ministry of Environment (MOE), and Mr. Toru Taguchi from Environmental Management 1st Division, Global Environment Department, JICA Headquarters. An evaluation specialist, Mr. Makoto Tanaka, from ICONS, also participated in the team.

The team reviewed various documents and conducted interviews and meetings with counterpart personnel of the three implementing agencies, i.e., the Pollution Control Department (PCD), the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). Further interviews and meetings were held with relevant stakeholders from the Federation of Thai Industry (FTI), NGOs, Rayong Provincial Industry Office, Rayong Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, and Map Ta Phut Municipality. Two senior facilitators for risk communication, Dr. Tongchai Panswad and Dr. Supat Wangwongwattana, were also interviewed. As a result, the team found that all outputs (1 to 6) and project purposes as described in the Project Design Matrix were achieved, or likely to be achieved during the project period. The findings of the team and success of the project were reported to Ms. Araya Nuntapotidech, Deputy Permanent Secretary (Environment), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) on November 25, to Dr. Pasu Loharjun, Director General of DIW on November 26, and to Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, Director General of PCD on November 27 during the courtesy visits by the team.

The team also made visits to Rayong province to observe the Automotive Industrial Cluster in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate and the Petrochemical Complex at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate on November 23 and 24. The team was impressed to observe the Environmental Monitoring and Control Center (EMCC) at the office of Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong, as well as the central operation center at IEAT Headquarters in Bangkok, as a sophisticated environmental monitoring and management system. PRTR data is expected to be integrated into the system for further advancement of management. The team also visited the Environmental Research and Training Center (ERTC) under the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP), MONRE, in Pathumthani, on November 25. ERTC provided support for the PRTR project in its risk communication training program. Dr. Monthip Tabucanon, former director of ERTC, also received the team at ERTC.

PhotoGroup Photo in front of Dioxin Laboratory at ERTC

On November 27, the 4th Joint Coordination Committee meeting was held at PCD. The meeting was co-chaired by Ms.Somchint Pilouk, Deputy Governor (Services and Environment) of IEAT, Mr.Suwan Nunthasarut, Deputy Director General of PCD and Ms. On-anong Songkitti, Director of Water Technology and Industrial Pollution Management Bureau of DIW. As a major topic of the meeting, the JICA evaluation team gave a report of their findings. After some discussion, the meeting acknowledged the matters in the evaluation report.

Other topics discussed were results of the feedback survey, sustainability measures such as institutional arrangements, revision of the Environmental Act, notifications under the Factory Act, and Eco Industrial Town program indicators. The Thai side also raised the possibility of Phase II of the PRTR cooperation. This was the last JCC meeting under the PRTR project.

PhotoJCC Meeting at PCD on November 27, 2015

PhotoJCC Meeting at PCD on November 27, 2015


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