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August 13, 2019

Project for the Greater Honiara Transport Master Plan Study (GHTMPS): The First Household Origin-Destination (OD) Survey in Solomon Islands

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) in partnership with the Project for the Greater Honiara Transport Master Plan Study (GHTMPS), is conducting a household Origin-Destination survey throughout Honiara City and adjacent urban areas of Guadalcanal Province, a part of Tandai and Malango Wards.

Household Origin-Destination (OD) survey will record whole day movements of a resident and identify each movement by purpose, from where to where and which transport measure took. Surveyors will visit selected houses to interview with each household members. Survey results are to be made statistical processing and formulated in a basic database to estimate future traffic movements of the region. Based on such scientific based survey and analysis, appropriate traffic improvement plans will be prepared.

The Greater Honiara household Origin-Destination (OD) survey focuses on areas from Poha River to Tenaru River, it commences during August 2019. Surveyors will visit about 900 households chosen at random and interview with about 6,000 individuals.

Please cooperate with the survey for future transport improvement.


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