The economy of Uzbekistan is driven by the export of natural resources such as natural gas and gold, and it has maintained a high level of economic growth for a number of years. In order to continue that high economic growth, however, it is necessary to improve a climate for business and investment, modernize agriculture, renovate and improve economic infrastructure and take other steps. Japan's Country Assistance Policy for Uzbekistan of April 2012 lists three areas of focus: 1) economic Infrastructure renovation and improvement (transport and energy), 2) providing support for human resource development and institutional building to facilitate the transition to a market economy along with promoting the economy and industry, and 3) support for restructuring the social sector (Agriculture and rural development and Healthcare). Based on this, JICA provides cooperation for power generation and railroad projects, for human resource development in local businesses through the Uzbekistan-Japan Center For Human Development, for improvement in the legal infrastructure for business activities, and for agriculture and health care.

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5th floor, International Business Center ,107-B, Amir Temur Ave., Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan

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February 16, 2017 Data Collection Survey and Workshop on Tourism Sector in Armenia
February 13, 2017 "Landslide Disaster Management" three years Project entered the final phase (Armenia)
January 27, 2017 Chronicle for January and The Japanese experience in strengthening Maternal and Child Health through Public Health Activities
January 24, 2017 "JICA Mini Grant Project in Azerbaijan": Workshop on beekeeping and honey production perspective development for Khizi region of Azerbaijan

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