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Outline of the Project

What is FRG2 project?

FRG2 is to enhance the capacity of researchers to take part in innovations through farmer research group approach.

Project background

mapGuideline cover page

Between 2005 and 2009, the FRG project (phase 1) was implemented in Central Rift Valley in collaboration among EIAR, JICA and Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI) with two agricultural research centers in the area. During the period, forty FRG based researches projects were conducted with the involvement of 52 researchers, 105 extension personnel and 1433 farmers. Along with the development of several appropriate technologies such as modified moldboard plough, compaction at teff sowing, market information access through mobile telephone, etc., the project developed “Guideline to Participatory Agricultural Research through Farmer Research Group for Agricultural Researchers”.

FRG approach is a research approach which a multidisciplinary research team, extension workers and groups of farmers jointly conduct research on selected topics. The approach is one of the participatory research approaches for agricultural researchers to actively and effectively conduct research activities so that their contribution to improving farmers’ production and management, and reducing risks in their practices are realized.

Newsletter from FRG II “R4F+FRG” No. 1 July 22, 2010 (PDF/86KB)

Implementing institutions

The project office is set up at Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural research and various activities will be carried out in collaboration with regional agricultural research institutes and universities. Director General of EIAR is the Project Director while Socio-economic, Extension Research and Farmer Linkage Coordinator of EIAR is the Project manager. Joint Coordinating Committee consists of representatives from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, agricultural research institutions, NGOs and farmers to monitor and direct project activities. Heads of technical departments of EIAR form Advisory Group to give technical advices to the project.


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