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Project News


Afforestation Training Conducted for the 2013 Planting Season


SUSFORM-NOW has kick-started the provision of afforestation training in its pilot sites from early April in preparation for the tree planting season (=rainy season) in 2013.

The afforestation training this year has targeted 13 villages in the project's initial pilot sits (covering 15 villages) in Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien District, and Dien Bien Dong District. The training for these villages (half a day per village) started from 2 April and completed on 18 April, covering nearly 400 households.

Training this year focused on planting techniques for three tree species, namely Acacia mangium, Manglietia sp., and bamboo as requested by participating villages.

The recent establishment of a bamboo-wood processing factory in Dien Bien District increased a demand for wood and bamboo for processing, which gave more incentive for local population to plant these trees for future sales as well as their domestic use.

The afforestation is expected to take place from early June 2013 after the planting hole preparation by the villagers.




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