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Viet Nam

List of Projects

Subject Title of Project Cooperation period
Education Project for Building Capacity for Can Tho University to be an Excellent Institution of Education, Scientific Research, and Technology Transfer Feb. 1, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2021
Health The Project for capacity development for laboratory network in Vietnam of biosafety and examination of highly hazardous infectious pathogen Feb. 21, 2011 to Feb. 20, 2016
Health The Project for Implementing Maternal and Child Health Handbook for Scaling up Nationwide Feb. 14, 2011 to Dec. 13, 2014
Health The Project for Improvement of Hospital Management Competency Dec. 22, 2016 to Dec. 21, 2021
Health Project for Improvement of the Quality of Human Resources in Medical Services System July 25, 2010 to July 24, 2015
Health Project for Improvement of Medical Service in the Center Region July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2010
Health Project for Strengthening Medical service in Northwest Provinces (English)
Dự án tăng cường dịch vụ Khám, chữa bệnh tại các tỉnh Tây Bắc (Vietnamese)
Mar. 20, 2013 to Mar. 19, 2017
Water Resources/Disaster Management Project for Building Disaster Resilient Societies in Central Region Mar. 1, 2009 to Feb. 28, 2012
Governance The Project for Harmonized, Practical Legislation and Uniform Application of Law Targeting Year 2020 (PHAP LUAT 2020) (English)
Hài hòa hóa Pháp luật hiện hành và Thống nhất Áp dụng Pháp luật Hướng tới năm 2020 (PHÁP LUẬT 2020) (Vietnamese)
Apr. 1 ,2015 to Mar. 31, 2020
Governance The Project for Traffic Safety Human Resource Development in Hanoi July 19, 2006 to Mar. 31, 2009
Transportation Improvement of Port Management System in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Feb. 1, 2005 to Nov. 30, 2008
Economic Policy Project for strengthening the effectiveness of Viet Nam Automated Cargo Clearance System (VNACCS) Aug. 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018
Economic Policy The Project on Tax Administration Reform Phase 2 Aug. 1, 2008 to July 31, 2011
Private Sector Development Project for Capacity Development of Business Persons through Vietnam-Japan Human Resources Cooperation Center Sep. 1, 2010 to Aug. 31, 2014
Agricultural/Rural Development Project for Improvement of Productive Technology in Small and Medium Scale Dairy Farms in Vietnam Apr. 9, 2006 to Apr. 8, 2011
Natural Environment Conservation Project for Strengthening Community-based Management Capacity of Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park Jan. 5, 2010 to Jan. 4, 2014
Natural Environment Conservation Project for Sustainable Forest Management in the Northwest Watershed Area (SUSFORM-NOW) Aug. 15, 2010 to Aug. 14, 2015
Natural Environment Conservation Project for Sustainable Natural Resource Management (SNRM) (English)
Dự án Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật Quản lý Tài nguyên Thiên nhiên Bền vững (SNRM) (Vietnamese)
Aug. 17, 2015 to Aug. 16, 2020
Gender and Development Project for the Establishment of Anti-Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hotline in Vietnam (English)
Dự án Thành lập đường dây nóng phòng chống mua bán người (Vietnamese)
Jul. 16, 2012 to Jul. 15, 2015
Environmental Management Project to Support the Planning and Implementation of NAMAs in a MRVable Manner (SPI-NAMA) (English)
Hỗ trợ lên kế hoạch và thực hiện các hành động giảm nhẹ phát thải khí nhà kính phù hợp với điều kiện quốc gia (SPI-NAMA) (Vietnamese)
Feb. 1, 2015 to Jan. 31, 2018


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