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Project News


The 2nd and 3rd Village Meetings on REDD+ Implementation Completed in Five Villages in MP


SUSFORM-NOW assisted the implementation of the second and third village meetings on REDD+ implementation in five villages in Muong Phang Commune from 4 to 24 July 2013. These five villages were Long Luong 1 and 2, Long Hay, Long Nghiu, and Co Diu Villages. These villages were selected as the first-track villages among others as support from the Japanese companies were expected for the first four villages as a part of their CSR efforts (under the framework of SUSFORM-NOW) while the last village was added to see the results of these meetings in a Thai village (all other four were Hmong villages).

The main objective of the second village meetings was to formulate the five-year village forest management and livelihoods development plans upon the assessment/analysis of the current status.

The major objectives of the third village meetings were to formulate annual activity implementation plan for 2013 for forest management and livelihoods development; to decide on the charter for establishment of a village management board for forest management and livelihoods development (VMBFMLD) together with the village fund; to (re-)establish the forest patrolling team; and to introduce internal regulations/agreements for different livelihoods development activities such as pig raising, chicken raising, fish raising, fruit tree cultivation, vegetable farming, Lao stove, biogas, and others.

With the completion of the above village meetings, these five villages are now ready for implementation of field activities although some additional planning should be done at each village simultaneously.




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