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Project News


A/reforestation Activity in 2014

PhotoTao Meo seedlings delivered to villagers

A/refforestation is among forest management activities supported by SUSFORM-NOW. The activity in 2014 was implemented in Dien Bien Phu City, He Muong Commune, Muong Phang Commune, and Muong Muon Commune. In Dien Bien Province, tree seedlings should be planted during a rainy season (mid-May. to mid-Jul.) as these seedlings grow on natural rain water.

The procedures for a/reforestaion in the project are as follows:

  1. A/reforestation request collection from villagers
  2. Field assessment of the requested sites for its suitabilityincluding GPS survey and that on the environmental conditions
  3. A/reforestation training for villagers
  4. Digging of planting holes by villagers
  5. Procurement and delivery of tree seedlings
  6. Planting
  7. Verification of planting

In this year, the project delivered a total of 453,621 seedlings to 749 households for an estimated area of 213.6 ha. These seedlings included 115,863 Acacia mangium , 84,518 Manglietia sp., 7,632 Schima wallichii, 165,023 Pinus massoniana, 79,165 Docynia indica (Tao Meo),and 1,420 bamboo seedlings. These figures are almost twice higher than 2013.

The above two pictures were taken in the a/reforestation areas in Cang Village, Muong Phang Commune, where Tao Meo seedlings were planted. Tao Meo translates to "Hmong apple," whose small fruits are used for fruit liquor. In order to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of a/reforestation, trees that produce fruits are useful as they are seldom cut while providing continuous benefits (fruits) to the local people.

A/reforestation is among the effective measures for global warming mitigation, watershed conservation, and disaster prevention including land slide.

The project will continue supporting a/reforestation activities in the target villages and make efforts for theparticipatory forest management in the project pilot sites.

PhotoVillagers planting tree seedlings

Photo A/reforestation site (Cang ViIlage, Muong Phang Commune)


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