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Project News


The 6th JCC Meeting Organized

On 16 June 2015, the 6th Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC6) Meeting was organized at the Dien Bien Provincial People's Committee (PPC) to share the findings of the terminal evaluation of the project. The participants from the Vietnamese side were Mr. Lo Van Tien, vice chairman of the PPC; Mr. Pham Duc Hien, director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD); the Vietnamese terminal evaluation team members led by Mr. Pham Van Khien, vice head of Sub-Department of Forest Protection; the representatives of district and commune people's committees; the project management unit members; and others. The participants from the Japanese side included the Japanese terminal evaluation team members led by Mr. Hiroki Miyazono, senior advisor at the JICA Headquarters and Japanese project experts.

The meeting started with the introduction of the participants by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Ky, vice director of DARD, followed by Mr. Hiroki Miyazono explaining the objectives of the terminal evaluation and the outline of the project. Subsequently, Ms. Etsuko Masuko from the JICA Headquarters and Mr. Shigeo Sakai, the evaluation consultant, reported the project achievements and evaluation results respectively. After a coffee break, Mr. Pham Van Khien summarized the lessons learnt from the project and recommendations for the next technical cooperation project.

The evaluation was carried out based on five criteria: 1) relevance, 2) effectiveness, 3) efficiency, 4) impact, and 5) sustainability. The Project was evaluated high or relatively high for four criteria except for sustainability, which was evaluated as medium due to limited institutional, financial, and technical capacities of the authorities at different levels.

Discussion was done mainly on lessons learnt and recommendations for forest management, especially on how to manage special-use forest (SUF) in terms of safeguard perspective. There is a policy move towards expanding SUF nationally in recent years, accelerating forestland reclassification.This movement improves natural forests and should be taken as a welcoming sign from the forest conservation perspective. However, it also has an impact on livelihoods of local households who have been customarily using these lands that are recently re-classified as SUF. Therefore, some mitigation measures should be sought out to minimize negative impacts on livelihoods of local households.

Finally, Vietnamese and Japanese representatives of the terminal evaluation team signed on the evaluation report, and the meeting ended with the final remarks by Mr. Lo Van Tien, vice chairman of the PPC.

PhotoFrom left: Mr. Lo Van Tien; vice chairman of the PPC; Mr. Pham Duc Hien, director of DARD; and Ms. Dang Thi Thu Hien, vice head of Sub-Department of Forestry.

PhotoJapanese participants on the left and Vietnamese ones on the right.

PhotoEvaluation team leaders (Mr. Hiroki Miyazono on the left and Mr. Pham Van Khien on the right) singing the terminal evaluation report.

PhotoExchange of the signed evaluation reports.



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