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JICA encourages Japanese people to be more interested and more involved in international cooperation activities. In this regard, the JICA Global Plaza was established as a hub for citizen participation in international cooperation in Tokyo, in 2006.

We serve to provide guidance and assistance to people who are working in international cooperation activities and are willing to support international cooperation.
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    Experience Area
    Experience Area

    Learn about what you does not know in the world!!

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    Intercultural Communication Area
    Intercultural Communication Area

    Facilities Information(Conference room)and Registration

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    Food Area
    Food Area

    J's Cafe on the second floor allow visitors to enjoy international cuisines.

Voice of visitors

These are comments from those who actually visited JICA global plaza!

  • It was easy to understand and I was able to think on my own because it was not just an explanation but also an experience.

    Three years of secondary school students

  • Until now, I only thought "discrimination is terrible", but now I know how terrible it is and why it happens.

    1 year college student

  • It was good to learn about developing countries and experience foreign food. I became interested in the world.

    Primary school students for 4 years

JICA Global Plaza implements programs that combine hands-on exhibits to better understand the current state of living in developing countries and issues facing the world, and a talk by a Global Concierge about his/her experience with international cooperation in developing countries or participatory learning (workshops). Please use our Plaza for school trips, social tours, general learning, and other activities.