Emergency Assistance to the State of Libya in Response to the Damages caused by the Flood Disaster


The Japan International Cooperation Agency will provide emergency relief goods as below in response to the flood disaster, upon the request from the Government of Libya.

1. Disaster situation
Flood, which occurred from September 10 to September 11, has been causing serious human and property damage. According to United Nations, the damage situation as of September 14 was as follows:
Deaths           5,300
Missing     More than 10,000
Evacuees         20,000
Damage situation     The cities of Derna and Al Bayda and other coastal cities in the north part of the country were severely affected. More than 1/4 of the urbanization area of Derna City has been washed away. Two dams collapsed, and many public facilities, including medical facilities, as well as administrative and commercial facilities, were damaged. Severe damage, such as destruction of major roads as well as bridges and power outages and water outages has occurred.

2. Goods supplied
A. Emergency relief goods (from the JICA warehouse in Dubai)
Plastic sheets
Sleeping pads
Portable jerry cans
Water purifiers

B. Shipping schedule
The goods will be transported from the JICA warehouse in Dubai to Libya on the next available flight.

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