Release of the Overseas Travel Management (Tokokan) System


JICA has released an overseas travel management (Tokokan) system to search for information on JICA project personnel and training participants who are staying in the destination country and/or city in the event of an emergency, send out alert information and confirm safety responses from them through Tokokan system.

From April 2024, traveler information and travel schedule information will be registered in the system. The travel schedule information will also be linked to "Tabi-Regi" of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan that distributes overseas safety information in Japanese. In the event of an emergency, a security alert message from JICA confirming your safety, and you will be able to reply to the message via URL provided in the message.

User ID and password are required to use the system. The project management departments will process the application for issuance of the user ID.
After April 1, 2024, an email will be sent to registered e-mail addresses, notifying the completion of account provisional registration. Upon receipt of the email, please access URL provided to complete the registration. The user ID is valid for one year from the last travel information.

Registration Information

Traveler Information Name, passport number, type of dispatch, purpose of travel, duration of dispatch, contact information in case of emergency, insurance information, etc.
Travel Schedule Information Itinerary information, e-mail addresses for sending alerts and safety confirmations, accommodation information, etc.

From May 1, 2024, Tokokan system will start operation to search for people staying in the area, send out alerts and safety confirmations, and confirm responses.

If you have any questions regarding the registration for Tokokan system, please contact project management departments or the Planning Division of the Security Management Department <>.


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