JICA Executive Senior Vice President Yamada Met with INTERPOL Secretary General Stock


On December 8, JICA Executive Senior Vice President Yamada Junichi met with International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Secretary General Jürgen Stock.

INTERPOL is an international organization of police agencies from around the world, with 196 countries and regions as members. At the opening of the meeting, Secretary General Stock spoke of the importance of working to strengthen the capacity of police officers through international cooperation in dealing with the threat posed by transnational organized crime, expressing a hope for greater collaboration with JICA in this area.

In response, Executive Senior Vice President Yamada stated that JICA welcomes the partnership with INTERPOL, and that the agency has positioned governance—including the strengthening of police capacity—as one of its priority areas of cooperation, recognizing security in society as the foundation of economic and social development.

The two then discussed the current state of transnational organized crime in Africa and Central America, as well as specific collaborative efforts for the future.


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