Ending of ODA Projects in China


The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s ODA projects in China ended in March 2022.

During then Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s visit to China in October 2018, both Japan and China concurred in seeking Japan-China cooperation at a new stage as equal partners. To this end, Mr. Abe announced that Japan will no longer adopt ODA project proposals for China in and after fiscal year 2018, and stated that Japan would work shoulder to shoulder with China to pave an era for contributing to regional and global stability and prosperity, through dialogue and personnel exchanges in the area of development as well as cooperation on global issues. Following this announcement, JICA ended the adoption of new Technical Cooperation Projects beyond fiscal year 2018. Upon the subsequent completion of the projects that were approved prior to the year, the implementation of all ODA projects ended in March 2022.

Japan's ODA projects in China began in 1979, and JICA led many of these projects as an implementing agency, with the support and cooperation of many relevant organizations and parties, such as Japan’s public agencies, private companies, academic community, and NGOs. The efforts made covered a wide variety of areas, including China’s infrastructural development, health care and social security, industry, agriculture, environmental management and conservation, natural disaster prevention and mitigation, legal system development, measures for the aging society, and promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and China. In response to these efforts, China expressed its appreciation and gratitude in various ways.

In recent years, JICA had carried out Technical Cooperation Projects that focused on issues such as transboundary pollution, infectious diseases, and food safety. Other areas of cooperation included support for the drafting and revising of essential laws such as Chinese Civil Code, and Civil and Administrative Procedure Laws. As for Japanese ODA Loans and Grant Aid projects of which JICA was in charge, the approval of new projects ended in fiscal year 2007, and all projects were already completed.

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