Dispatch of Needs Assessment Survey Team (second survey team) to Moldova to assess the needs for humanitarian and medical assistance for the displaced Ukrainians


The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has decided to dispatch a needs assessment survey team for humanitarian and medical assistance (second survey team) to the Republic of Moldova, to support displaced Ukrainians and Ukraine’s neighboring countries hosting them. The team of six, consisting of medical personnel and JICA staff, left Japan on April 5 and joined the first mission working in Moldova.

The first survey team, which was dispatched to Moldova on March 19, has been conducting surveys by utilizing the network that JICA has fostered through long years of cooperation with the Moldovan health and medical sectors. In cooperation with the Moldovan Ministry of Health and related organizations, through visiting local medical institutions and shelters and exchanging information, the team has been identifying the need for future cooperation in the health, medical, and emergency humanitarian assistance sectors. The survey team also joined forces with the Emergency Medical Team Coordination Cell (EMTCC) supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). Leveraging Japan's expertise in disaster relief accumulated over many years, the team has worked together with EMTCC to coordinate emergency support, including analyzing patient data collected by medical teams from various countries and arranging the appropriate allocation of the aid from each country. The second survey team took over these activities and focus on determining health and medical sector needs, as well as coordinating assistance from various countries.

Approximately 388,000 people have entered Moldova from Ukraine, and while many of them have moved on to Romania and other countries, 96,000 remain in Moldova. With its population of approximately 2.64 million and per capita GDP of $4,523 (IMF, 2020), there is serious concern about the shortage of medical services in the country. JICA will continue to extend its utmost cooperation to the countries surrounding Ukraine, including Moldova, that are accepting Ukrainians, together with its partners such as international organizations and the governments of neighboring countries.

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