[COP28 Side Event]Pathways for Strengthening Paris Agreement Implementation


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Person in charge

Global Environment Department
Deputy Director


Date: 2023/12/6
Host: United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)
Location:Japan Pavilion

Moderators and panelists

Yutaka Matsuzawa
Ministry of the Environment of Japan
Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs

Huy Luong Quang
Division of GHG Emission Reduction and Ozone Layer Protection, Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam

Kitzia Irina Oribe Aguilar
Environmental and Natural Resource ministry of Mexico
Master's degree student at UNU-IAS

Takahiro Morita
Global Environment Department, JICA
Director General

Shinobu Yume Yamaguchi

Akio Takemoto
Head of Programme & Administration

Primary objectives and outcomes

To have discussion among experts and youth to discuss challenges and opportunities for accelerating implementation of the Paris agreement through education and training.

Content of the discussions

In this seminar, first of all, Ms. Yamaguchi and Mr. Takemoto of UNU-IAS mentioned that capacity development in each country is necessary to implement Paris Agreement, and introduced its programs on climate change.

After that, as panelists, Mr. Huy (Viet Nam) mentioned the necessity of training on next generation experts, and Ms. Oribe (Mexico) emphasized that it is important to connect the work of each line Ministry with climate change aspect. Mr. Morita (JICA) explained JICA's action on the capacity development such as long-term/short-term training, and importance of co-creation among various stakeholders.

Finally, Mr. Matsuzawa (EoJ) welcomed the efforts by UNU-IAS on the capacity development, and expressed his expectation for expansion of such efforts.

In the Q&A session, one of the audience expressed his appreciation on JICA's capacity development program for Nigeria.


Panel Discussion