Human Security

Seminar "Compounded Crises and Human Security - Introducing [Human Security Today]"

Words of Sadako Ogata, a Five-Foot Giant

JICA Ogata Research Institute Report “Human Security Today” (No.1, 2022): Revisiting Human Security

Human Security in Mindanao, the Philippines, Advocated by Former JICA President Ogata Sadako

Human Security in the COVID19 Era -OGATA Sadako Memorial Symposium-(NHK WORLD-JAPAN, Dec. 11, 2020)

Memorial Symposium for the Late Ogata Sadako (Condensed Version) (November 2020)

"Human Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in East Asia" by Yoichi Mine (September 28, 2018)

Research Clusters

Politics and Governance

Symposium "Exploring the New Dynamics of the 'Global South'"

JICA Chair Special Lecture ‘Japan after World War II and Japan-China Relations in the Modern Era’

Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

Interview with Joseph E. Stiglitz “On Global Employment and Industrial Development, Debt Crisis”, and Collaborative Work with JICA

Spillover Effects on Urban Transformation

Human Development


Developing Textbooks to Improve Math Learning in Primary Education: El Salvador

Community-wide Support to Improve Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: Madagascar

Book Talk “Japan’s International Cooperation in Education: History and Prospects”

Health Care

Seminar “Frontiers of Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR)”

Continuum of Care for Maternal and Newborn Health in Ghana: HSR 2022

Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Support

Book Launch in Manila "Human Security and Empowerment in Asia: Beyond the Pandemic"

Interview "Exploring Human Security Studies in Japan and Beyond" with Prof. Yoichi Mine

Seminar “Human Security and Empowerment in Asia: Beyond the Pandemic"

Seminar “Adaptive Peacebuilding: A New Approach to Sustaining Peace in the 21st Century”

Interview "State of Human Security in a Post-pandemic World" with Prof. Mely Caballero-Anthony

Development Cooperation Strategies

Japanese Experience of Development and Development Cooperation: Translative Adaptation

Seminar "Introducing Foreign Models for Development"

Interview “Introducing Foreign Models for Development” with Prof. Izumi Ohno

Book Talk “Introducing Foreign Models for Development”

AUDA-NEPAD and JICA Ogata RI Webinar “Industry Engagement in TVET: Experiences from East Asia

AUDA-NEPAD and JICA Ogata RI Webinar “Policy Learning for Industrial Development and the Role of Development Cooperation”

AUDA-NEPAD and JICA Ogata RI Webinar “Promoting Quality and Productivity Improvement/ Kaizen in Africa”


Webinar on Changing Landscape of Development Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Seminar Series

Knowledge Forum

No.20 "The Future of Employment in a Changing Global Economy" with Prof. Stiglitz EN JP
No.19 Making Japan the Chosen Country EN JP
No.18 How Can Japan Contribute to Quality Infrastructure Investment? EN JP
No.17 Energy Crisis and Climate Change: Turning the Crisis into an Opportunity for Energy Transformation EN JP
No.14 Security and Development Cooperation in Compounded Crises: the Impacts of the Ukraine Crisis, and State, Economic, and Human Security co-hosted by IUJ-JICA Ogata RI EN JP
No.13 Lecture by Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz “The Global Economy in Multiple Crises: Challenges for Emerging and Developing Countries and Pathways to Enhanced Resilience” EN JP
No.12 SDGs and Quality Growth – Leaving No One Behind, Building Sustainable and Resilient Societies EN JP
No.11 Diffusion of the Japanese Rice Farming Technologies to Asia and further to Africa EN JP
No.10 International student mobility and higher education during COVID-19 EN JP
No.9 Tackling Extreme Climate Events Around the World EN JP
No.8 Reforming the International System to Make the COVID-19 the Last Pandemic EN JP

COVID-19 Webinar

World Bank Seminar