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"Achhi Aadat (Good Habit)" Campaign


What's New

January 28, 2021 Press Release - On National Cleanliness Day, JICA starts "Achhi Aadat (Good Habit) Campaign" to promote hand washing, nail cleaning and other hygiene practices (PDF/469KB)

1. "Achhi Aadat (Good Habit)" Campaign


JICA India has launched a campaign, "Achhi Aadat (Good Habit)" to raise awareness among 10 crore people about the importance of hygiene practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, in collaboration with NGOs, government authorities and Japanese companies. The campaign's objective is to introduce a simple and practical approach to hygiene and sanitation related issues by promoting handwashing, nail cleaning and other hygiene practices such as wearing mask in a correct way.

2. Activities

JICA India provides awareness programs at select project sites located in rural communities, schools and hospitals of India, using the Educational Materials. Our partners, LIXIL, Kai India and Unicharm India contributed by donating their hygiene related products to enhance the campaign activities.

3. Educational Materials

You can download and freely utilize the materials below. Please do not alter from the original design.



Manga Comic "Correct Hand Washing"

Animated Manga Comic "Correct Hand Washing"

(Video in Hindi) (YouTube, external link)


4. Partners

(1) Current Partner Companies

(2) Future Partners

We welcome any organizations to join the Achhi Aadat Campaign. Please email Achhi Aadat Campaign Team at JICA India Office for further details.

5. Photo Gallery

January 28, 2021 Awareness Program for Children (Surana, Uttar Pradesh)





6. Useful Links

7. Contact

For inquiries, please contact Achhi Aadat Campaign Team at JICA India Office

E-mail address: tsunagarulab@jica.go.jp


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