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Open Seminar 'Should Rich Nations Help the Poor?'

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July 27, 2016, 17:00 - 18:20


Meeting room 600, 6th Floor, JICA Ichigaya Building
10-5 Ichigaya Honmuracho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo[Map Link]



Prof. David Hulme, Professor, Development Studies, the University of Manchester


In the past decade, the developed world has spent almost US$2 trillion on foreign aid for poorer countries. Yet 1.2 billion people still live in extreme poverty and around 2.9 billion cannot meet their basic human needs. But should rich nations continue to help the poor? “Should Rich Nations Help the Poor?” was published by polity press in June 2016. In the book, the author, leading global poverty analyst David Hulme (Professor of the University of Manchester) explains why helping the world’s neediest communities is both the right thing to do and the wise thing to do – if rich nations want to take care of their own citizens’ future welfare. The real question is how best to provide this help. The way forward, Prof. Hulme argues, is not conventional foreign aid but trade, finance and environmental policy reform. But this must happen alongside a change in international social norms so that we all recognize the collective benefits of a poverty-free world. We have the opportunity this time to welcome Professor Hulme to our institute, and he will talk about the essence of the book in the seminar.


17:00- Opening remarks [Introduction]
Lecture by Prof. Hulme (45mins)
17:50- Q&A (30mins)
18:20 Summarize by Prof. Hulme


David Hulme is Professor of Development Studies at the University of Manchester where he is Executive Director of the Global Development Institute and CEO of the Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre. He has worked on rural development, poverty and poverty reduction, microfinance, the role of NGOs in conflict/peace and development, environmental management, social protection and the political
economy of global poverty for more than 30 years. His main focus has been on Bangladesh but he has worked extensively across South Asia, East Africa and the Pacific.
His recent books include Should Rich Nations Help the Poor? (Polity, 2016), Global Poverty: Global Governance and Poor People (Routledge, 2015), Governance, Management and Development (Palgrave, 2015), and Just Give Money to the Poor (Kumarian Press, USA, 2010).

In this seminar, we will take photographs that may be used on JICA’s or/and JICA-RI’s website. Thank you for your understanding.


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