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JICA Ogata Research Institute Monthly Updates (May, 2021)

JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development Monthly Updates (May, 2021)
  May, 2021  
Webinar Series on Peace in Mindanao: Part 2—How to Build Trust in International Cooperation?
Webinar Discusses Ways to Close the Gender Gap through Quality Infrastructure Development
Policy Recommendations on Interest Rate Ceiling for Cambodian Microfinance Institutions


Remembering OKAMOTO Yukio: Navigating Japan’s route in uncharted ocean



Human Security in the COVID19 Era -OGATA Sadako Memorial Symposium-(NHK WORLD-JAPAN, Dec. 11, 2020)



Webinar on Changing Landscape of Development Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Working Paper No.217:
Developing Textbooks to Improve Student Math Learning: Empirical Evidence from El Salvador
Working Paper No.218:
Resilience against the Pandemic: the Impact of COVID-19 on Migration and Household Welfare in Tajikistan
Working Paper No.219:
Impacts of the Interest Rate Ceiling on Microfinance Sector in Cambodia: Evidence from a Household Survey
Working Paper No.220:
An Inquiry into the Process of Upgrading Rice Milling Service: The Case of Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Kenya
Literature Review No.15:
Qualitative Research is not a Unified Paradigm: Implications for the Evaluation of Qualitative Research Studies
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