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Human Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in East Asia

Human Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in East Asia

The East Asian region faces a host of human security challenges – ranging from natural disasters and infectious diseases to human conflicts – that are closely connected and easily transcend national borders in a globalized world.

How can the realization of human security in practice be accomplished when there are issues related to “national sovereignty” that obstruct the achievement of human security?

This book attempts to answer this question by drawing lessons from 10 case studies on serious human security issues within the “ASEAN Plus Three” framework (ASEAN countries plus China, Japan, and South Korea).

Based on the perception that the practice of human security is still largely state-centric, piecemeal, and protection-oriented in East Asia as well as worldwide, each case study addresses the following research questions:
(1) How is national sovereignty dealt with when pressing human needs arise?
(2) How is comprehensive support provided rather than piecemeal aid?
(3) How is bottom-up empowerment promoted in the field in addition to top-down protection?

This book is the outcome of the research project “Human Security in Practice: East Asian Experiences Phase II,” organized by the JICA Research Institute.

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