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Linking Resource Users' Perceptions and Collective Action in Commons Management – An Examination of Water Supply Systems in Southern Senegal

The absence of sustainable management and the lack of maintenance of water supply systems remain major challenges in sub-Saharan Africa despite the continued efforts of donors and governments to provide safe water. Therefore, this study examines factors that could motivate water users to offer financial contributions to their water supply systems in Southern Senegal as a form of participation in the collective management of common-pool resources.

The study applied logistic regression analysis, and its findings indicate that users evincing a preference for borehole water over other sources and those expressing higher levels of satisfaction with the current services are more likely to pay their water tariffs. Furthermore, the study outcomes imply that peer trust is highly related to the payment behavior of users: those believing that other users will pay their water bills are more likely to pay for their water. These findings should inform future interventions seeking to enhance the sustainability of water supply management systems.

This study was published in Water Policy and can be purchased for reading from the link below.

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