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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project for Building Capacity for Can Tho University to be an Excellent Institution of Education, Scientific Research, and Technology Transfer

Project Site

Can Tho, Mekong Delta Region

Term of Cooperation

From 15 March, 2016 to 14 December, 2021


Can Tho University

Overall Goal

Research and education capacity of CTU in the three fields (agriculture, fisheries/aquaculture and environment) is internationally recognized, and to contribute to value-added agriculture and fisheries/aquaculture and solution of environmental issues of Mekong Delta Region (MDR) .

Purpose of the Project

Research and educational capacity of CTU in the three fields is enhanced.

Outcomes of the Project

  1. Research implementation system in the three fields is strengthened.
  2. Education implementation system in the three fields is strengthened.
  3. Technical support system and administration system necessary for enhancement of research and education capacity are strengthened.

Project Activities

1-1 Sharing Japanese universities' experience on the planning process of research policy and promotion of interdisciplinary research, and University-Industry collaboration
1-2 Giving technical input in selction, implementation, and monitoring/evaluation of joint researches, including development of research guideline of Model Joint Research
1-3 Holding seminars/workshop/conferences to exchange CTU's research seeds and  industry's research needs
1-4 Implementing Model joint research with Japanese partner universities
1-5 Implementing joint researches  with Japanese partner unversities and/or private entities, using ODA Loan
1-6 Holding seminars/workshops/conferences to share research results within and outside CTU
1-7 Encouraging researchers to submit papers to international journal/conferences
1-8 Upgrading the capacity of related instituions to encourage researchers to apply for patents (e.g. Dept of Scientific Affairs)
1-9 Strengthening a network to promote a  University-Industry- Local government-community collaboration in MDR.
2-1 Selecting new programs to be established under the support by Japanese universities
2-2 Developing curriculum of the new programs
2-3 Preparation of lecturers/syllabus for the new programs
2-4 Applying for approval of the new programs by Ministry of Education and Training
2-5 Announcement/selection of students for the new programs
2-6 Implementing the new programs
2-7 Self-evaluation of education outcome of the new programs
2-8 Model lectures by Japanese professors at existing programs and the new programs
2-9 Identify CTU's challenges/solutions of Quality Assurance(QA) for continuous imrovement of education
2-10 Sharing Japanese universities' experience on QA
3-1 Developing and improving mechanism for effective and efficient usage of equipment to be procured under ODA Loan.
3-2 Developing human resources for O&M of  equipment to be procured under ODA Loan
3-3 Re-examining the  specification of research equipment.
3-4 Identifying CTU's challenges/solutions of administration necessary for enhancement of research and education capacity.
3-5 Implementing short-term training of administrative staff
3-6 Strengthening  administration institutions related to University-Industry- Local government-Community collaboration  (e.g. Scientific Research and technology transfer Center, Incubation Center)


Input from Japanese side:

(a) Dispatch of Experts
Long-term experts
-Chief advisor
-Academic Advisor
-Coordinator / University-Industry Networking

Short-term experts
-Joint Research
-Technical Support (Common usage and management of equipment)
- Administration

(b) Training
-Joint Research
-Technical Support (Common usage and management of equipment)
- Administration

(c) Machinery and Equipment
-Minimum equipment

Input from Vietnamese side:

  1. Services of CTU's counterpart personnel and administrative personnel as referred to in II-7;
  2. Suitable office space with necessary equipment;
  3. Supply or replacement of machinery, equipment, instruments, vehicles, tools, spare parts and any other materials necessary for the implementation of the Project other than the equipment provided by JICA;
  4. Credentials or identification cards;
  5. Available data (including maps and photographs) and information related to the Project; and
  6. Running expenses necessary for the implementation of the Project;
  7. Expenses necessary for transportation within Vietnam of the equipment referred to in II-6 (1) as well as for the installation, operation and maintenance thereof.


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