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Project Activities

Output 2: Municipal Level Activities (from Year 2018 to 2019)


The Project component to reinforce the government's administrative capacity on planning and implementing mitigation actions in HCMC, supported since 2015, has resulted in tangible successes in the development of a city-level inventory, sectorial pilot MRV (energy, transportation, waste), manual of low carbon technologies, and the policy system examination, including the delivery of the Decision (No.180/UBND–DT) of the HCMC People's Committee toward the final outcomes of the Project activities.

Building upon the above successful movement in HCMC, the following activities was initiated in 2018 with the view to implementing Output 1 "National legal system on climate change mitigation actions in responding to the Paris Agreement" in the form of a pilot activity in HCMC.

Activities for over all project from Year 2018 to 2019

  • 13th April 2018 Inception Workshop
  • 24th June 2018 Global Environment Facility (GEF) 6th General Assembly Side Event (plan)
  • December 2018 Final Workshop (in HCMC and in Hanoi) (plan)

Activity 1. Conduct studies for necessary revision and enhancement of the current policy framework

To strengthen the HCMC Climate Change Action Plan, based on the investigation of the existing reporting system on energy consumption as well as the methodologies to analyze collected data, Activity 1 quantitatively evaluates the GHG reduction potential. Besides, the trainings on the CP related to those activities are provided. Furthermore, by learning from cases in Japan especially in Tokyo, policy options suitable for the current situation in the HCMC are identified, and capacity building for the implementation of the action plan is supported for related parties in HCMC such as DONRE, DOC or DOIT. Progress to Date
  • July 2018 Discussion and Training on methodologies for data set analysis (planned)
  • September 2018 Training on the evaluation by data analysis (planned)

Activity 2. Elaborate city-level monitoring and evaluation to support quantification of policy impacts

Activity 2 firstly checks and analyzes the data collection sources for quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) of the GHG inventory development in 2016 in HCMC, accordingly it supports the calculation and intermediate review for the GHG inventory development. Besides, the trainings on the CP related to those activities are provided. Activity2 also provides a support responding to the new requirements by C40. Progress to Date
  • July 2018 Training on the data set calculation (planned)
  • September 2018 Mid-tern review and Training on GHG Inventory development (planned)

Activity 3. Support action plan development and MRV for the targeted subsector in HCMC as pilot (transport sector)

In order to formulate an action plan including evaluation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures and to support the development of the institutional arrangement for conducting MRV in the transport subsector, Activity 3 conducts; investigation on the current status of low-carbon technology development, estimation of GHG reduction and review MRV system/ methodology. Besides, the trainings on the CP related to those activities are provided. Progress to Date
  • July, September 2018 Training and workshop for MRV and methodology study (planned)


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