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Topics & Events

November 24, 2022 JICA Celebrated 30th JOCV Anniversary in Botswana
October 25, 2022 Congratulations to Botswana on Digital Television Transmission and Successful Analogue Switch Off (ASO)
October 25, 2022 KCCP Participant, Ms. Martha completes her training in Market-oriented Agriculture for Extension Officers
October 20, 2022 JICA Botswana welcomes Eight Japanese Volunteers post COVID-19
April 5, 2022 JICA welcomes the first volunteer back to Botswana
September 2, 2021 [Long Term Trainee's Interview] My Remote Learning Experience
September 1, 2021 [Long Term Trainee's Interview] Remote Learning Experience
August 31, 2021 [Long Term Trainee's Interview] How I experienced Remote Learning
May 19, 2021 ABE participant completes his Masters study
April 29, 2021 JICA donates ten tablets to the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security (MADFAS)
April 22, 2021 Skillshare International Botswana receives sporting equipment from JICA
April 2, 2021 Childline receives educational material and face masks for children
March 30, 2021 JICA donates to Stepping Stones International (SSI)
February 3, 2021 Former JOCV member donates Sporting Clothing to Botswana Judo Federation (BJF)
November 25, 2020 Princess Marina Hospital Feedback
November 24, 2020 Ex- KCCP Participants praises JICA training program
September 29, 2020 Ms Yamamoto's work experience in Japan
September 28, 2020 Ms Yamamoto's JOCV activities in Botswana
September 25, 2020 JICA, BNPC & MoWH Launch 5S/KAIZEN for Extension 2 Clinic
September 23, 2020 Volunteer activity in Oodi
September 16, 2020 My Short assignment in Botswana
August 28, 2020 My Life in Jackalas II
August 21, 2020 Murakami hosts an online Judo Sharing experience between Botswana and Japan Judokas
June 12, 2020 Launch of Report: Toward Successful Promotion of Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) by Observing Experiences in Japan and Malaysia - Centricity of MSMEs Finance - and Best Practices on PPP Infrastructure Development
March 11, 2020 Local Woman makes beautiful crafts for a living
March 9, 2020 Maun Softball Technical Clinic by JOCV Members of Chukyo University Softball team
March 6, 2020 Local Teachers Enjoy Teaching Skills Through Mathematics Workshop by Jocvs
March 3, 2020 For women's income generation activities
February 21, 2020 For the smiles of Children
February 3, 2020 Japanese Volunteers enhance learning experience for Botswana Primary School Pupils
January 20, 2020 Volunteer activity in Marobela
September 6, 2019 Participated in African Games 2019
July 23, 2019 Video Exchange program for little Batswana Students with Japanese High School students
July 23, 2019 Exchange program with Batswana primary school students.
July 18, 2019 JICA Bids Farewell to Ms Nakamura
July 8, 2019 An ex-JOCV was awarded Best Performer by Botswana National Museum!


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