Opinion on the Investigation Report (2018/5/21)

In regards to the project ‘Support for Agricultural Development Master Plan for Nacala Corridor in Mozambique', the requesters have submitted their opinions on the contents of the Examiners' Report through their agent, and the Examiners have transferred their opinion letter, dated 21 May 2018, to the Operational Departments on 7 June 2018.

The opinion letter contained informative points concerning the Objection Procedures, which JICA intends to use as a reference on the upcoming review of the Procedures.

The objectives of the Objection Procedures are; to investigate whether JICA has complied with the Guidelines and report the results to the President, and to encourage dialogues between the parties concerned with their consent. JICA and the Examiners are practicing due diligence on the independence of the Examiners and the neutrality in the examination procedures. Specific details of the Objection Procedures can be found on JICA's ‘OBJECTION PROCEDURES BASED ON THE GUIDELIJNES FIR ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL CONSIDERATIONS' dated April 2010.