Signing of Grant Agreement with the Palestinian Authority: Contributing to the improvement of water supply service through the renovation and construction of water distribution facilities

[Goal 6] Clean Water and Sanitation


On September 26th, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, to provide grant aid of up to 2,793 million yen for the Project for the Improvement of Water Supply System in Jenin.

The amount of precipitation in Palestine unevenly distributed depending on the time of the year and makes it difficult to secure the water source, especially during the summer.

Signing ceremony

Signing ceremony

Jenin municipality, located northern part of the West Bank in Palestine has non-revenue water rate* of 60% (in 2020) due to aging of water distribution network pipes, which is higher than that of other major Palestinian cities (around 25-50%). Furthermore, the population of Jenin municipality has been increasing and it is predicted that there will be a significant water shortage in the future to the amount of water demand.

This project will support the improvement of water supply service by renovating and constructing water transmission/distribution facilities and the rehabilitation of water intake facilities in Jenin municipality, which faces the above challenges.

This project will also contribute to the improvement of the living environment of the residents of Jenin municipality in the West Bank through the improvement of water supply services, thereby also contributing to the achievement of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Goal 6 (Clean water and sanitation).

* Ratio of water that was distributed but not billed.

Details for the project are provided below.

Country Palestinian Authority
Project title The Project for the Improvement of Water Supply System in Jenin
Planned implementation period 49 months, including detailed design work and the bidding period
The Palestinian Water Authority
Target region Jenin municipality in the West Bank
Specific project
① Facility improvements/construction
Rehabilitation of an existing municipality well, rehabilitation of the
intake pumps, rehabilitation of existing reservoirs, replacement of
distribution mains and distribution network pipes and construction of DMAs (District Metered Areas), an introduction of distribution
monitoring system.
② Consulting services
Detailed design work, bidding assistance, construction/procurement
supervision, (as guidance in managing the facilities), to implement
soft component to improve capacities of operation and maintenance, distribution management.

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