Signing of Grant Agreement for Afghanistan: Contributing to the strengthening of the infectious-disease response capacity of referral hospitals, in cooperation with the WHO

[Goal 3] Good Health and Well-Being


On January 17, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the World health Organization (WHO) to provide grant aid of up to 1,032 million yen for the Project for Strengthening the Response Capacity for Infectious Diseases in Referral Hospitals in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Despite two years having passed since the political change in August 2021, Afghanistan remains in the midst of an unprecedented humanitarian and economic crisis, and support from the international community is essential.

Signing ceremony

In Afghanistan, approximately 17.6 million people, or 40% of the total population, need healthcare assistance. Among the deaths caused by diseases, those due to infectious diseases are particularly numerous. For example, such diseases account for the exceptionally high rate of deaths among children under the age of five, which is approximately 63%. One of the reasons for this is the fragile health system, especially the shortage of medical equipment and medicines in hospitals, which has become an urgent issue.

This project aims to strengthen the capacity for diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases at the target hospitals in Afghanistan. It will do so through the provision of diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, and medicines, as well as technical support for healthcare professionals, at Afghan-Japan Hospital (constructed in 2013 using Japanese grant aid) and the National Infectious Diseases Hospital, which play a key role in responding to infectious diseases in Afghanistan. This project will thereby contribute to the achievement of SDGs Goal 3 (Good health and well-being).

Details for the project are provided below.

Basic project information

Country Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Project title The Project for Strengthening the Response Capacity for Infectious Diseases in Referral Hospitals in Afghanistan.
Planned implementation period 12 months
World Health Organization (WHO)
Target region Kabul province
Specific project details
1 Provision of diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, and medicine.
2 Technical support for healthcare professionals.

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