[COP28 Side Event]Strengthening Forest Management, Restoration and Monitoring through Innovative Satellite Solutions and Emerging Initiatives and Technologies for Accelerating NDC Implementation


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Person in charge

Yasuko Inoue
JICA SFS-CORECC Project, Kenya
Expert on Forest Policy/Extension


Date: 9 December, 9:45-11:15
Co-Organizers: Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, Kenya(MECCF), Kenya Forest Service(KFS), Directorate of Resource Survey and Remote Sensing, The Executive Office of the President (DRSRS), Huduma Center, Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)
Collaborators: The Nature Conservancy, University of Leicester, Cambodia, Sumitomo Corp. and AWAK
Location:Kenya Pavilion, Blue Zone

Moderators and panelists

Alexander Lemarkoko, EBS
Kenya Forest Service
Chief Conservator of Forests

Peter Sirayo
Kenya Forest Service
Forest Conservator

Richard Mwangi
Kenya Forest Service
Geodatabase Administrator

George Tarus
Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, Kenya
Ag. Forest Conservation Secretary

Beatrice Atemo
Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, Kenya
Forest Conservator

Merceline Ojwala
Directorate of Resource Survey and Remote Sensing, Executive Office of the President, Kenya
Natural Resource Scientist

Chivin Leng
Ministry of Environment, Cambodia
Director General of DGIS

Shuji Naito
Sumitomo Corp.
Senior Associate,Carbon Solution Team, Energy Innovation Initiative

Heiko Balzter
University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Emily Landis
The Nature Conservancy

Paul Muniu
Project Manager

Yasuko Inoue
JICA SFS-CORECC Project, Kenya
Expert on Forest Policy/Extension

Primary objectives and outcomes

This side event aims at exchanging practical information that will serve to develop a robust knowledge base for better forest monitoring, enhanced restoration and improved management of forests, to tap into the carbon markets while achieving the National Determined Contribution (NDC) and for contributing to the global climate change mitigation efforts.

Content of the discussions

This side event was held at the Kenya Pavilion.It included knowledge sharing on satellite-based forest warning systems by countries and agencies including private sectors and NGOs. How the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) and other monitoring activities on the ground are contrubuting to works on forest policy implementation. Mr. George Tarus, Ag. Forest Conservation Secretary, MECCF presented about Kenya’s National Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Programme which is geared towards climate change mitigation and adaptation in the forest sector.

Various good practices and successful case studies were shard among presenters and panel participants. During the event, SFS-CORECC project activities were introduced. Mr. Alexander Lemarkoko (E.B.S),the CCF of KFS commented about Kenya's 15 billion tree growing programme and expressed the importance of the SFS-CORECC project, in exploring methods for the monitoring of tree cover.Mr. Mwangi made a presentation on the forest alert system and NFMS improvement and Ms. Atemo, MECCF displayed the tree growing and monitoring activities by students in the School Lunch-Tree Growing Club Forest Carbon Pilot Project, which showcases the non-carbon benefits of forest carbon projects such as as food and nutrition for school-going children. The event contributed to raising awareness of the JICA projects in Kenya and beyond.


From left to right: Mr.Silayo, Forest Conservation Officer, KFS; Mr.Leng, DGIS Director, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia; Ms.Ojiwala, Scientific Officer, DRSRS; Mr.Naito, Senior Associate, Sumitomo Corporation; Mr. Mulangi, Geodatabase Administrator, KFS; Ms.Atemo, Forest Conservator; Mr. Lemarkoko, EBS,CCF,KFS; Mr.Muniu,Project Manager,AWAK; Dr. Balzer, University of Lanchester, UK; Dr.Inoue,Expert. JICA SFS-CORECC Project.


Mr. Tarus, MECCF, Ag. Forest Conservation Secretary explains forestry and climate change policies in Kenya.


Panel discussion moderated by Mr. Sirayo (From the right side, Ms. Emily, Prof. Heiko, Mr. Paul, Mr. Naito).