Our Vision and Basic Policy

The JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development (abbreviated as JICA Ogata Research Institute) carries on and enhances the philosophy of the late OGATA Sadako, who spearheaded the establishment of the JICA Research Institute in October 2008. Our objectives are to conduct policy-oriented research on the challenges faced by developing countries in the field and strengthen Japan’s intellectual presence in the international community.

We attach high importance to synthesizing and sharing the Japanese development experience, as well as its accumulated knowledge and expertise as a donor country. We will also enhance our research and dissemination activities, giving due consideration to today’s challenges and threats such as the changing international order, the transition to an information-based society, and climate change. By doing so, we aim to become a world-leading research hub for development and international cooperation.

Our vision and basic policy are as follows:


“Co-Creating Practical Knowledge for Peace and Development”
We will work together with diverse partners for the purposes of world peace and development and conduct quality research with policy impact by integrating a field-oriented perspective.

Basic research policy

1) Conduct research of international academic standard and actively disseminate its results;
2) Bridge research and practice by analyzing and synthesizing knowledge from the field; and
3) Contribute to the realization of human security.

Building on these policies, we will undertake research such as strategic promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and emerging development challenges, to respond to the priorities of the changing international community. We will also promote the JICA Development Studies Program as one of the responsible organizations and actively share Japan’s own experiences, while strengthening our functions to provide for human resource development and research exchange.

With accelerating globalization, the expansion of corporate activities and technological innovation, the challenges faced by the world and developing countries are becoming more diverse and more complex—as witnessed by growing disparity, rising geopolitical tensions brought by changing power balances, climate change, and demographic changes. We will tackle these challenges with innovative ideas and actively promote cross-disciplinary research and intellectual collaboration with external organizations, to realize human security from a contemporary perspective.