【Close】JICA Ogata Research Institute Knowledge Forum: Diffusion of the Japanese Rice Farming Technologies to Asia and further to Africa


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Africa’s rice consumption has increased since the 1990s, helped by rising income levels and urban population growth, and the amount of rice imported from Asia has continued to grow. Based on this trend, JICA in partnership with Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) launched an initiative known as the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) on the occasion of the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) held in 2008. As a result, the amount of rice produced in sub-Saharan Africa has doubled in 10 years. However, African rice production is still unable to keep up with the ever-growing demand for rice. In 2019, phase two of CARD began anew, and efforts to double rice production are ongoing, with a target year of 2030.

On the other hand, Asia, which faced a food crisis in the 1950s and 1960s that was similar to the one faced by Africa today, experienced the "Green Revolution" due to the introduction of high-yield crop varieties. Productivity (yield per unit of land) for rice and wheat increased dramatically during the 1970s and 1980s, and the food crisis has been resolved. However, although rice production in Africa is increasing, this increase is due mainly to the expansion of areas for production, and productivity (unit yield) growth has been sluggish. Why has the rice Green Revolution still not occurred in Africa?

At this Knowledge Forum, Kobe University Professor Otsuka Keijiro, who has spent many years conducting research on development issues, focusing on agriculture in Asia and Africa, will give a lecture on the history of the transfer of rice farming technologies from Japan to Asia, and the possibility of the rice Green Revolution in Africa. We would like to have an in-depth discussion with Otsuka regarding the major questions of what is important for bringing about the rice Green Revolution in Africa, and how JICA should support that. Note that Otsuka gave a lecture with the same title as this forum at the Imperial New Year's Lectures in January, 2022.


Opening remarks
Makino Koji, Director General, JICA Ogata Research Institute

Lecture “Diffusion of the Japanese Rice Farming Technologies to Asia and further to Africa”
Otsuka Keijiro, Professor, Center for Social Systems Innovation, Kobe University

Talk Session

Otsuka Keijiro, Professor, Center for Social Systems Innovation, Kobe University
Kikuchi Masao, Professor Emeritus, Chiba University
Tsuboi Tatsushi, JICA Senior Rice Technical Adviser

Fujiie Hitoshi, Executive Senior Research Fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute


Closing remarks
Amameishi Shinjiro, Deputy Director General, JICA Economic Development Department


JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development (Ms. Arai and Ms. Kajino)


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