【Close】 JICA Ogata Research Institute Knowledge Forum ‘Energy Crisis and Climate Change: Turning the Crisis into an Opportunity for Energy Transformation’


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The international energy situation has become unstable due to a combination of various factors, including increased demand from the resumption of economic activities following the COVID-19 pandemic, supply constraints resulting from reduced investment in fossil fuels, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Energy prices have been on a downward trend since their sharp rise in 2022; however, there still remains a risk of further price hikes and disruptions in the market. Higher energy prices could lead to higher costs for a variety of economic activities. This energy crisis became an opportunity to realize and reaffirm the importance of energy security.

The international community is making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and realize carbon neutrality, with the aim of achieving the international goal: limiting the average temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial level. However, soaring energy prices and market instability have negatively impacted carbon neutrality efforts in many countries. Some countries are utilizing coal power generation to secure their energy supply over the short term, which is against carbon neutrality. On the other hand, the energy crisis may become an opportunity to boost the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy over the medium- to long-term.

Then, while energy security and carbon neutrality are currently at odds with each other in some countries, can they be reconciled? Will the recent surge in energy prices become an opportunity to speed up the shift to non-fossil fuel energy sources, such as renewable energy, accelerating improvements to energy efficiency? The energy crisis and the climate change could pose a threat to human security. How can we address the energy crisis and shift toward carbon neutrality through development cooperation and private sector involvement?

At this Knowledge Forum, Professor Kikkawa Takeo of the International University of Japan, expert in energy, will provide a keynote speech. Ms. Morishita Maiko from the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the Climate Bonds Initiative, as well as JICA Ogata Research Institute Executive Senior Research Fellow Sato Ichiro, will join the discussion with Professor Kikkawa on energy security and climate change.


4:00–4:05pm Opening remarks
-Mine Yoichi, executive director, JICA Ogata Research Institute

4:05–4:35pm Keynote speech“The Energy Crisis and Climate Change”
-Professor Kikkawa Takeo, International University of Japan

4:35–5:10pm Panel discussion“Energy Crisis and Climate Change: Turning the Crisis into an Opportunity for Energy Transformation”
-Kikkawa Takeo, professor, International University of Japan
-Morishita Maiko, program manager at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Japan Programme Manager at the Climate Bonds Initiative
-Sato Ichiro, executive senior research fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute

Moderator: Mine Yoichi, executive director, JICA Ogata Research Institute

5:10–5:25pm Q&A

5:25–5:30pm Closing remarks 


JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development(Ms. Kajino)


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