Announcing the Publication of the First Volume of the Japanese Book Series on Japan’s Development Cooperation


The research findings of the JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development’s “Japan’s Development Cooperation: A Historical Perspective” project have been collected in a seven-volume book series titled “Nihon no Kaihatsukyoryokushi wo Toinaosu (Reconsidering the History of Japan's Development Cooperation)” (available only in Japanese). The first volume of the series, “Policy History I: Evolution of the Japanese Model of Development Cooperation, 1945-89” (written by Shimomura Yasutami) was published in December 2020.

This book series positions development cooperation as one of the few methods used by Japan to actively build international relationships following World War II, and examines this development cooperation from a variety of perspectives. It covers topics such as what it means to listen to the input of the countries and people to which Japan provides development cooperation and how Japanese political processes and philosophies have changed over time. From the perspective of historically evaluating international cooperation, it explores the face modern Japan presents to developing countries and delves into the previously neglected history of modern Japan in relation to Asia and the world.

The first volume, “Policy History I: Evolution of the Japanese Model of Development Cooperation, 1945-89,” covers Japan’s defeat in World War II, its reparations, its responses to the rapidly changing international situation during this time, its political decisions regarding its future course, the roles of development cooperation in this context, the Japanese character of this development cooperation and what led to it, and the rebuilding of Japan’s global experience in the post-war years. This volume presents a historical overview of not only Official Development Assistance (ODA), but Japanese development cooperation as a whole, including private sector activities, from its early years to its expansion in the 1980s. Historical overview of the 1990’s and after will be compiled in the upcoming second volume.

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