Launching Research Papers and Discussion Papers as New Media for Disseminating Research Results


Since its establishment in 2008, the JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development (the JICA Ogata Research Institute) has published research results in the form of academic papers as working papers. To date, 232 working papers have been published across a variety of fields. However, to replace working papers, we have begun publishing two new types of papers, namely, research papers and discussion papers, starting 2022.

These two new types of papers comprise academic papers that summarize the results of research on development issues and development cooperation. These papers will be published on the website of the institute as they become available.

In principle, research papers are peer-reviewed, whereas discussion papers are not peer-reviewed to facilitate faster dissemination. By actively publishing the research results, including the interim findings, we intend to stimulate discussions on development issues in a timely manner.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming research and discussion papers.

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